‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 3 Tell-All Part 1 Recap- Feb. 28

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On the Season 3 finale of Darcey and Stacey, Darcey shared the news that she and Georgi were re-engaged. Though her sister was excited for her, there are still some questions about whether Georgi has changed. Yet, Darcey is so excited, she proposed they revisit the twin wedding idea. Stacey eventually got on board but Florian had some financial concerns. Now that he has a Green Card and can work, he wants the wedding to be split evenly. That caused some drama but nothing as bad as what the twins’ father, Mike had to say.

Upon hearing Darcey had gotten engaged again, he questioned what she was doing. He did not feel she was ready for marriage and it was just a trainwreck coming down the tracks. This blew Darcey and Stacey away with him finally saying if they had a twin wedding, he would not be attending. Now, for the first time in the three seasons, Darcey and Stacey will be sitting down for a two-part tell-all. It’s about to be explosive.

Darcey And Stacey– Ready For Whatever, Where’s Georgi?

Before they enter the studio, the girls say a prayer for the long day ahead of them. Darcey immediately hears a foreign accent. She already knows that her exes, Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks most likely will be there. Stacey understands Florian is protective of both her and Darcey especially when it comes to the exes. She is just hoping he will not have an outburst. Florian and Papa Mike Silva arrive together, neither one has done anything like this. As Darcey is getting ready, she reveals Georgi may not show up.

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They have been struggling since her father was adamant about them not getting married and having the twin wedding. Though they are still engaged, he has pushed her away. He did, however, come to New York. Stacey knows her sister needs him there but in typical Georgi fashion, he goes back to his old ways. Mike asks Florian what is going on with Georgi and he says the same thing Stacey does.

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Host Shaun Robinson soon learns Georgi is a no-show but they will begin without him. The twins head to the stage and soon, cameras start rolling. Shaun reveals everyone will be partaking including Darcey’s exes and their friends and family. Darcey explains he is a little apprehensive but is also studying for his real estate license. He was 70/30 on showing up yet does not want to be triggered. Stacey adds it could be a red flag for the future.

Support Systems Matter

Being their first tell-all for this show, Darcey would have liked the support of her fiance. She wanted to feel protected, honored, and loved, as she says. Shaun suggests they get Darcey’s phone in an attempt to call him. Darcey agrees but feels she is in for it and might be in a mood. Her sister says she should not feel like that and of course, Georgi lashes out. He does not feel he should be there to support her from her exes and claims she is a grown-up and can take care of herself.

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Mike hears this in the back and is hurt to hear his daughter being spoken to like this. Shaun asks if she can say hi but he is not about that at all. She reminds him they will be there all day if he wants to stop by though he maintains he is busy studying and does not have the time. Though he is being rude to her, she says she will take what she can get. Florian decides he is going to go to the hotel and attempt to get him. He feels he is a man and needs to come to take care of his family or he will not be a man in his books.

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While he does this, it is time to move on. Papa Mike is coming out and addressing his concerns as he has many. He thinks Georgi is not there for fear of being thrown under the bus and being disrespected. However, he does think he should be there to support Darcey rather than be selfish. Should Darcey end the engagement? Mike believes Darcey wants a relationship whereas Georgi wants something else. He thinks Darcey is in love but Georgi is not.

Family Takes On Darcey And Stacey…Or Just Darcey?

Darcey cannot help but agree at times and she wants it to grow. She can not help but question his intentions and motives. Even her daughters, Aniko and Aspen are struggling with seeing their mother hurt. Over at the hotel, Florian requests privacy to talk to Georgi. Aniko shares she just got accepted into a few colleges already and would like to head to Miami. Aspen is sad to lose her sister who is her best friend so they are similar to their mom and Aunt Stacey.

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The talk turns to their reactions to the twins’ plastic surgery full-body makeovers. They are asked about social media harassment when it comes to their mom. It is hard because they do not believe they deserve any of the hate they get. Back to Georgi who seems to take advantage of Darcey financially. Aniko is concerned he will just keep using her when he needs to work but Darcey just says he needs to figure it out. Stacey reminds her when they get married, she takes on his debt.

Darcey lets Stacey know they’ve both taken care of people which was somewhat of a jab. She is claiming Stacey takes care of Florian just as much as Darcey does Georgi. Stacey fires back with they are not alike. Florian takes initiative, he just got his Green Card whereas Georgi has been here for a decade. He keeps accumulating debt on a credit card which Florian does not do.

Who Paid For Darcey’s Ring?

Since Georgi has not paid for anything since he arrived in Connecticut, Shaun has to ask who paid for the ring. Darcey says they saw a ring in New York’s Diamond District but who paid. Her daughters say “be honest.” She admits she put her money down after Georgi negotiated the deal. Mike knew she had been funding most of the relationship but did not know about the ring. However, he assumed she had paid for it. She says it was not much, only 10K down. Shaun is shocked by the number.

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Stacey says the difference between her spending on Florian is that there is genuine love there. He arrives back solo as Georgi is not coming because he does not feel anyone has his back. Onto the twin wedding and Mike’s very strong reaction. He was adamant about counseling and Darcey and Georgi only had one session. Darcey says she would still have the wedding even if her dad did not attend.

Ultimately, he would be there but only if they could get their relationship on track. Mike leaves and Debbie and Reina join. They are best friends with Darcey and Stacey. They have seen such a drastic change in Darcey over the last year and a half. It has not been good which they call a sinking ship. To them, there is no future and she needs to get herself together now or never.

Darcey And Stacey, The Business Moguls

On a positive note, the season saw the girls launch their male swimwear line at Miami Fashion Week. Aniko, Aspen, Florian, and Georgi all walked in the show. Aniko walks for Shaun as do Debbie and Reina as Darcey and Stacey’s song plays overhead. It is time for the friends and Darcey’s daughters to leave. Now, Georgi’s ex-wife Octavia joins them to spill the tea. Shaun shares Georgi was supposed to attend but decided against it because he feared people would say negative things about him.

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She shares she never paid for anything when they were married and Georgi is actually good with money. This shocks Darcey because she has no idea how much money he has. Octavia is familiar with shutting down and gaslighting. Stacey calls him entitled. Her red flags were Georgi being flirtatious and that was disrespectful to her. Stacey knows exactly what Octavia is talking about though Darcey won’t admit it.

Next time on part two of the Darcey and Stacey tell-all, Michael Benz joins the conversation as do Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks. Florian and Jesse go at it leading Florian to walk off with Michael following him. What did you think of part one? Let us know in the comments.









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