Darcey Silva’s Lips Blow Up To New Heights

Darcey Silva Credit: YouTube

Darcey Silva is no stranger to plastic surgery. She is also no stranger to adding filters to many of her Instagram pictures and stories. In her latest series of captured activities, Silva showed off her new lip color. Yet, it was not the color nor what she was doing that followers were struck by. It was her overdone lips that caused quite the stir.

Darcey Silva’s Love Affair With Reinvention

Viewers have watched Darcey change her appearance since she was on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. There, she freshened herself up by upgrading her veneers. She has also had a love affair with fillers, extensions, nails, and had a mini mommy makeover with her twin sister, Stacey, Yet, it was not until Season 2 of her spinoff Darcey and Stacey that she truly went all-in with a head to toe makeover.

Credit: YouTube

Along with her twin, the two embarked on a spiritual journey to Turkey. There they received new veneers to achieve a Hollywood smile they had dreamed of. Following this, the twins had their lips lifted as well as obtained new noses. They also got breast jobs and liposuction, or as they referred to it, they got “snatched.” In the end, Darcey and Stacey were thrilled with the outcome.

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC

Unfortunately, the Season 3 premiere revealed everyone else’s feelings about the makeovers. Darcey’s daughters felt their mom’s nose was a little bit Miss Piggy-ish. Aniko and Aspen also believed the twins went too far with what they had done. Fans and followers agreed with Darcey’s daughters that the surgery was a bit much. Now, Darcey’s latest posting has many shaking their heads and wondering what she has done to herself.

Getting A Tad Too Lippy

Darcey Silva seems to think bigger is better. In her latest Instagram story, she showed herself getting her eyebrows done. Not only did she tag the brow artist but she tagged the lip color she was wearing. Fans did not seem to care or notice that. They were too focused on her lips which seemed to have poofed up overnight. Larger than ever and quite noticeable, Darcey’s lips became the main focus of her post.

Credit: Darcey Silva IG

“It looks like an allergic reaction. Do you need an epi-pen???” one person commented. Another added: “They look animated…like someone drew…they went way too far.” It did not stop there. Several Darcey followers questioned how she can think she looks good. Which led to some of the other comments: “Mental issues should’ve been fixed first. Used to be natural beauties but not today doesn’t look real.”

If Darcey is happy with the way she looks then that should be all that matters in the end. What do you think of her new lips? Let us know in the comments and watch Darcey and Stacey every Monday on TLC.



Amanda Lauren


  1. to each their own. when it comes to lip fillers, I think that it should be very subtle. Darcey’s are anything but that. my main concern is what her lips will look like a few years from now. the aging process is not very kind to these enhanced lips

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