AGT: Extreme stunt man Jonathan Goodwin released from hospital

‘AGT’ Extreme: Injured Stuntman Jonathan Goodwin Gives Health Update


Back in October 2021, AGT: Extreme stunt artist Jonathan Goodwin suffered a near-fatal accident on the set of the show. Now, Goodwin has finally been released from the hospital and is now celebrating his birthday. Read on to find out how the America’s Got Talent: Extreme contestant is doing these days.

AGT: Extreme stunt artist Jonathan Goodwin

Four months after a near-fatal accident on the set of AGT: Extreme, stunt artist Jonathan Goodwin is back home. The stunt artist was rushed to the hospital after he was severely injured while rehearsing a stunt for the October 14th show.

At the time, TMZ revealed a video, showing the escape artist suspended in the air by a cable, while wearing a straitjacket. Meanwhile, there was a suspended vehicle on either side of him. When the cars swung towards Goodwin, he was released and was meant to fall beneath the cars. However, as could be seen from the footage, he ended up getting sandwiched between the vehicles, followed by a terrifying, fiery blast.

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America’s Got Talent: Extreme stunt artist in hospital

After four months of recovery, Goodwin has finally been released from the hospital. An Instagram post was shared on October 21, revealing Jonathan in a hospital bed. He accompanied the image with a long update on his health, giving thanks for the love and support he received. Jonathan included his fiancée, actress Amanda Abbington, calling her “the best thing to ever happen to me.”

AGT: Extreme stunt man Jonathan Goodwin released from hospital
[Image @jonathangoodwinofficial/Instagram]
“I have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human being can, without fear… because I was protected by love. Love is all you need, so make sure you get some, cos its good s–t,” he wrote.

The daredevil spirit is obviously still with him, as he said, “To death I say nananana boo boo… and to the rest of you… watch this space.”

AGT: Extreme stunt artist released from the hospital

As noted by E! Online, Jonathan Goodwin recently made a happier post on Instagram on February 20. The image revealed himself and his fiancée, and was captioned “Four months later… finally out of hospital.”

Even better, his caption noted that it was his birthday that day, and he couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than with his love.

AGT: Extreme stunt man Jonathan Goodwin released from hospital
Jonathan Goodwin and Amanda Abbington [Image @jonathangoodwinofficial/Instagram]
Swiping through Jonathan’s Instagram, he regularly shared images of the various stunt challenges he undertook. Among them, one image revealed Goodwin placing a scorpion in his mouth. Another post shows him being buried alive in sand, with the caption, “I love getting buried in my work.”

AGT: Extreme stunt man Jonathan Goodwin released from hospital
Jonathan Goodwin, buried in his work [Image @jonathangoodwinofficial/Instagram]
Yet another image revealed him climbing up a glass-clad building with no form of support or harness. So far, it is unknown whether Goodwin will continue his daredevil stunts, but it does seem likely!

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  1. I really admire Jonathan Goodwin. He is absolutely right about love is the best medicine in the world. Like Jonathan, I had a life changing accident 10 years ago and am quadriplegic. My partner has stuck with me thruough thick and thin (mostly thick!). Amanda Abbingdon can also be congratulated as so many partners are expected to do the right thing and are often not praised enough as they to have a life changing situation to deal with. Kimberley x

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