RHOC: Kat Dubrow Likens Homophobia To Getting Hit By A Bus [Credit: Instagram]

‘RHOC’: Kat Dubrow Likens Homophobia To Getting Hit By A Bus

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Kat Dubrow likened homophobia to getting hit by a bus. Heather Dubrow’s daughter dealt with “negativity” after she came out as a lesbian. She had to mentally prepare herself for what was to come. Unfortunately, Kat’s coming-out story didn’t come with a happy ending.

She faced many challenges ever since. During the Wednesday, February 16, episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather and her husband, Terry Dubrow, dined with their children at the celebrity hotspot Nobu. Their family dinner was going well until Kat and her older sister Max ended up in an argument at the table.

Kat Dubrow has a difficult relationship with sister Max

Kat Dubrow just came out as a lesbian. Meanwhile, Max previously revealed that she’s bi in June 2020. They’ve had different experiences with their journeys. Kat and Max’s relationship has been strained ever since. Heather is hopeful that their sisterly bond will come back.

Heather’s son, Nick, said that their relationship changed when “a lot of the attention” was focused on Kat when she later came out. The RHOC star doesn’t agree. She thinks their relationship “will ebb and flow” and “grow” over time. Heather opened up about her relationship with her own siblings.

Heather Dubrow Back On RHOC [Credit: Heather Dubrow/Instagram]
[Credit: Heather Dubrow/Instagram]
However, that wasn’t the only issue. Kat admitted the homophobia she received when she came out. She likened her experience to getting hit by a bus. Her experience wasn’t the same as Max’s. Needless to say, it’s been rough for the young teen.

“From what I saw from the outside of my older sister’s coming out story, everyone was supportive. Her friends were supportive,” Kat Dubrow said in a confessional alongside her mom, as quoted by People. “But when I came out, I was dealing with a lot of homophobia. I had issues with people at school who were saying the f-slur around me and who were just not very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Heather has a heart-to-heart with Kat

The Bravo star admitted that hearing Kat Dubrow’s story broke her heart. In another scene, the two talked about the decor in her room while gardening. Kat Dubrow considered taking her gay pride flag down after she received backlash about her coming out online.

“I got a comment the other day on TikTok,” Kat Dubrow explained. “I have the rainbow flag in my bio and I got a comment that said, ’14 and already gay. WTF.’ And then I got really embarrassed. I don’t know, it kind of made me think I should take it down and then get a smaller one in the corner of my room.”

Kat Dubrow On Homophobic Backlash [Credit: Kat Dubrow/Instagram]
[Credit: Kat Dubrow/Instagram]
Heather asked her daughter if she was worried about what other people may think. Kat said she feels embarrassed sometimes. In her confessional, she admitted that it wasn’t something she was mentally prepared for. She compared homophobia to getting hit by a bus.

Heather told her daughter not to worry about what other people may think. However, in her confessional, Kat admitted that she struggled with her LGBTQ identity before she came out. But once she received support from her family, she felt more secure with herself. Heather tearfully said she would more families were accepting as they are.

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