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Will Hallmark’s ‘Dying For Chocolate’ Star Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach?

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Hallmark’s Movies & Mysteries is revamping their Signature Mystery lineup. Could that include a new mystery or even series with Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach? It certainly looks like that!

Here is the latest news for all of you Sleuthers.

Are Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Starring In New Hallmark Mystery?

On Monday, Hallmark hunk Andrew Walker posted to Instagram Stories his MacBook Pro screen, complete with a new script. The script is for a movie called Dying For Chocolate. Walker was looking over a scene.

In the scene, there is a dialogue between two characters, Goldy and Marla. They were talking about being questioned by a detective. In addition, he tagged actress Nikki DeLoach and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Any Sleuthed can put a few things together to realize that Andrew and Nikki are working on a Signature Mystery for the network. From his clues, what else do we know about the project?

This is from the 1992 book, Dying For Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson. This is a series of 17 books, with the last one published in 2013.

According to GoodReads, this mystery features Goldy Bear. The single mother is “bright, opinionated” and a “wildly inventive caterer.” Yet, she has some problems in her personal life. That includes an “abusive ex-husband,” a stack of overdue bills, and a couple of gorgeous men who are interested in her.

She is now a live-in cook at the Aspen Meadow Country Club. But, one of those men turns up dead.

While this sounds a little more graphic than a Hallmark movie, the network has likely changed up some of the details of this book.

For example, in The Gourmet Detective series, the show was dramatically different from the Peter King mysteries.

In the novels, he is more of a playboy, while in the series recreated by Dylan Neal, he is more Hallmark-friendly, single, and interested in only one woman. Yet, in both, Henry is knowledgeable about all food preparations, and rare spices. Henry is fascinating! In addition, they used the catchy name “The Gourmet Detective.”

Therefore, the Goldy Bear mystery books will need a good screenwriter to turn this into a perfect Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Signature Mystery. It looks like they found one.

Hallmark Photo: Andrew Walker, Eugene Baffoe, Nikki DeLoach Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steven Ackerman
Hallmark Photo: Andrew Walker, Eugene Baffoe, Nikki DeLoach Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steven Ackerman

Mystery 101 Co-Wrote Screenplay For Hallmark’s Dying For Chocolate

Sleuthers may already know who wrote Dying For Chocolate. Fans of Hallmark’s popular series Mystery 101 are very familiar with John Christian Plummer’s excellent screenwriting skills.

When checking on the status of the next Mystery 101 movie on Plummer’s IMDb, there was a surprise there. John Christian Plummer co-wrote the script for Dying For Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery.

The other writer is  Erinne Dobson, who wrote The Nine Kittens Of Christmas, and Love, For Real. In addition, she worked in various writing capacities for Good Witch in the last three seasons.

Although the listing does not include the names of the cast, it does share that the movie will air on April 10, 2022.

Also, the director is listed as Anthony C. Metchie. Dying For Chocolate will be his directorial debut.

Andrew Walker, Hallmark-https://www.instagram.com/awalkk35/?hl=en
Andrew Walker, Hallmark-https://www.instagram.com/awalkk35/?hl=en

Andrew Walker And Nikki DeLoach Have Strong Bond

The first time Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach worked together was in Hallmark’s A Dream Of Christmas back in 2016. They told People that they instantly became friends. Walker shared that they were “two peas in a pod.”

DeLoach added, “I felt like I had known him my entire life.

There’s just such an ease with Andrew. I do think that there is something that happens, and it doesn’t happen for everyone.

Nikki’s husband is also Andrew’s attorney. They even live down the street from each other. So, it would make sense that they would have some ideas about working together in the future, which includes working on a mystery together.

Hallmark’s Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Want To Film Mysteries Together

Moreover, Andrew and Nikki have long wanted to work on a mystery together. About 15 months ago, she answered Hallmarkies’ podcaster Ann Scott’s tweet with a confirmation that they wanted to do this.

Ann wrote, “@hallmarkchannel #SweetAutumn just proved that when @nikkideloach and @AWALK35 do their mystery series we definitely need Andrew in a leather jacket as much as possible! @hallmarkmovie.”

Nikki wrote, “Yes, Ann!! Would love to do a mystery wheel with my buddy @AWALK35. We are trying to make that happen.”

Will Dying For Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery star Nikki and Andrew? Although it looks like the answer is yes, thankfully, we don’t have long to wait long for that official answer.

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