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Could Hallmark’s ‘Good Witch’ Continue With Movies?

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On Sunday, Hallmark ended the Good Witch series with the Season 7 final episode, “The Wedding.” However, this may not be the end for the popular series. Could there be a movie in the near future? Here are all the details.

In addition, here is your spoiler alert. There will be spoilers from the finale.

‘This Isn’t Goodbye, It is So Long For Now’

On Sunday night, the Good Witch series ended with the series finale episode, “The Wedding.” Less than three weeks ago, Hallmark unexpectedly announced that the series would end. No one saw this coming, as the series seemed to keep building up their storylines, pushing the series to new and diverse directions.

This meant that Goodies had one last night to tweet along with each other. In addition, Hallmark shared a special video on Twitter. It was the Good Witch cast thanking fans. However, Kylee Evans, who plays Stephanie said something at the end of her thanks. She said, “This isn’t ‘goodbye.’ It is ‘so long for now.'”

Hold on a minute! What does this mean for the future of Good Witch?

Will Hallmark Make Another Good Witch Movie?

When Hallmark announced that they would end Good Witch with the final Season 7 episode, it seemed that everything was final. However, Deadline did speak to the network, and a representative did indicate that at least some of the actors in the series are in talks. “Catherine Bell, James Denton, and Katherine Barrell, among others, are members of the Hallmark Channel family, and we are in discussions on future projects.”

Could those future projects mean more Good Witch movies? That we did not know back on July 9, with the publication reported on this. That scenario was certainly on the table. However, with Kylee’s cryptic message, this could mean that there could be a movie or two in the future. Goodies would certainly appreciate another Halloween movie!

Even Deadline pointed out that how the series ended, there was “a great opportunity for more Good Witch films or a spin-off series should they choose to continue this or any other storylines.”

Good Witch Made Hallmark Series First

The final episode of Good Witch included a first for a Hallmark original series. Zoey (Kyana Teresa) and Joy (Katherine Barrell) shared a kiss. #TeamJoey has been waiting for this all season.

Everything was tied up neatly at the end of the finale episode They resolved the amulet situation, allowing everything to be good in the land.

Unfortunately, Bailee Madison was not in the episode to reprise her role as Grace one last time.

However, everything ended on a happy note. Sam (Denton) promised to stop and smell the roses. He and Cassie (Bell) are embarking on a trip around the world.

Now, wouldn’t that make for an exceptionally beautiful Hallmark movie?

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