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‘Too Hot To Handle’: Beaux Raymond Gives Relationship Update

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As we finished binging Too Hot To Handle Season 3 this week, we pondered whether or not Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson were still together. When Season 3 dropped on Netflix, the answer was still unknown.

But now, it seems that we have an answer about these love birds.

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So are Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond still together? Keep reading to find out, but be aware there will be spoilers about Too Hot To Handle Season 3!

Things still seem pretty hot and heavy for Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson

Harry and Beaux walked out of the season hand in hand. And that’s not all — their relationship development made them the winners of the prize fund.

And it seems like their time in the resort with Lana paid off. Netflix filmed Season 3 well over a year ago — and Beaux and Harry are still happily together.

Now that Season 3 has been out for a few days, the cast has started posting more about their lives on social media. Beaux recently posted a photo of her and Harry sharing a dessert.

“You are what you eat.. so make it something sweet 🤪” she captioned the photo.

Beaux Raymond/Instagram

There really doesn’t seem to be any room for ambiguity here. The couple seems to be very happy even a year out from filming.

However, the drama didn’t stay on the set. Harry, Beaux, and Jackson actually did find themselves in a bit of hot water after leaving the resort.

Trouble brewed in the skies shortly after filming

Starring in a Netflix reality show definitely feels exciting. But it appears that a few of the Season 3 stars let it all go to their heads. Harry, Beaux, and Jackson Mawhinney were on the same flight back to the UK together. However, not everything was clear skies. The BBC reports that the trio was rude to flight staff to the point where they were arrested as soon as they got on the ground.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that alcohol was certainly involved. After the crew refused to stop serving them, the three became pretty unruly. Beaux and Harry also apparently were taking the PDA to the max. Flight staff apparently asked them to “tone it down,” which didn’t sit well with the couple either.

According to the BBC, “Each defendant was fined £1,500, told to pay £500 each to the two stewardesses, and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £150 and £85 costs for their abusive behaviour. They were ordered to pay a further £100 for refusing to put on their masks when told to by the captain.”

We hope that Harry and Beaux learned their lesson after this embarrassing flight. And if they can move on from the situation, we hope they are very happy together and have a lifetime of love ahead of them.

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