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‘Too Hot To Handle’ Stars Harry And Beaux Move On After Plane Fracas

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Season 3 of the Netflix dating reality show Too Hot to Handle was filmed in the exotic Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. However, for Harry and Beaux of the recently debuted show, the flight home proved too tempting for words. They went on to be prosecuted for their actions – just what did Harry and Beaux do to cause such a fracas?

Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond of Too Hot to Handle

Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle is now streaming on Netflix and was filmed in the gorgeous Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. Meanwhile, Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond flew home together once the filming was done.

Harry of Too Hot to Handle
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Fans who have seen Season 3 will know that at first, Harry set his sights on Australian beauty, Georgia Hassarati. However, so did all the other male contestants and he soon turned his attention to fellow Brit, Beaux Raymond.

Warning, spoilers ahead for those who haven’t yet binged Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. The relationship between Beaux and Harry clearly has gone well. In fact, it went so well that Lana declared the couple the Season 3 winners. However, currently, it is unknown if their relationship survived the filming of Season 3.

Netflix reality dating show stars in trouble

Since Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle dropped on Netflix, some scandalous news has come out relating to Harry and Beaux. In fact, trouble came to a threesome of the reality TV stars. It turns out Harry, Beaux and Jackson aka Matthew Mawhinney had to head to court and faced heavy fines.

Beaux of Too Hot to Handle
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In fact, the trio was fined thousands of pounds for abusing the cabin crew on the flight home after filming Season 3. The trouble happened at 30,000 feet in February 2021. Basically, Matthew is the son of the UK’s first female attorney general, Baroness Scotland, which makes him feel important. So much so, that he allegedly spat at a flight attendant when she refused to give him another drink. Matthew allegedly told her “Look up who my mum is.”

Meanwhile, the trio was downing margaritas on the plane and it seems Harry and Beaux lost any inhibitions they had. In fact, flight attendants on the BA slight reportedly asked the couple to “tone it down.” It turns out they were seen “kissing and behaving intimately” in their seats. However, that wasn’t all, as all three cast members became abusive when told repeatedly to wear face masks. On top of this, they totally lost it when the captain decided they should not be served any more alcohol.

Too Hot to Handle stars Harry and Beaux apologize

The Sun quotes Harry as making the excuse that filming a TV show is “really hard work.” Saying that the work was very stressful, he also said they were limited to two drinks a day.
“So I think obviously when we all got on the plane, we felt like it was our chance to kind of let loose and relax,” Harry added.

Beaux, who continues to work as a legal secretary, said how embarrassing it was to talk about the scandal again. “It’s out of character for us, obviously,” she said, adding that it is never nice when drinks are involved. Beaux added that trouble can escalate very quickly at that point.

Harry also added that he hopes when fans do watch the show, they will realize their characters aren’t what is being portrayed. He added, “obviously, it just was a drunk mistake.”

Too Hot to Handle
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Beaux agreed, saying she is sorry to everyone and that nothing like that will ever happen again.

Readers, have you watched Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix yet? What are your thoughts on the drunken behavior of the cast members? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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