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Robyn Brown Gets Dragged For Bad Parenting, But Why?

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The latest episode of Sister Wives has fans in an uproar. Many fans of the show are dragging Robyn Brown for bad parenting. What’s going on that has so many questioning Robyn’s parenting skills?

Sister Wives Robyn Brown dragged for bad parenting

Robyn Brown gets dragged quite often. Usually, it’s for playing the victim all the time or being Kody Brown’s favorite wife. However, this time, fans are not happy with her parenting skills. After seeing the latest episode of Sister Wives, fans went to Reddit to discuss what they saw.

It seems Robyn’s daughter Ariella is still using a pacifier. Fans believe this is way too old to still be using one for comfort. Ariella actually just celebrated her sixth birthday on Monday, January 10, 2022. So, since the latest episode of Sister Wives was filmed more than a year ago, Ariella was five and still using a pacifier.

Sister Wives Meri and Robyn's Daughter

Comments went on and on dragging Robyn for allowing this to continue for so long. One fan said, “I damn near fell out of my chair when I saw that pacifier. The list of her poor parenting actions is a mile long.”

Another fan said they forgot how old Ariella was because of the “binky” and everyone handling her like a toddler. Many commented they had no idea she was so old. They mentioned how her hair makes her look younger than she is. In fact, one fan even believed she was only three. Still, another pointed out that Ari started school in the fall of 2021 so they hoped the pacifier was gone by that point.

Right now, nobody knows if Robyn has taken it away or not. Could she still be using a pacifier having just turned six?

Playing the victim again

As previously noted, this episode features a conversation between Robyn and Meri Brown. The two Sister Wives are discussing their relationships with Kody. Robyn claims to be worried about the other wives not seeing Kody as much as she is. She also claims that she’s the family’s scapegoat and that her mother believes this as well. There are many fans who believe her tears are fake and she’s just playing the victim once more.

Meri shares with Robyn that her relationship with Kody is no more than a friendship at this point. She tells Robyn that Kody even said this to her. Meri admits she feels like an outsider at this point.

Sister Wives Pacifier

Some of the Brown family spent Thanksgiving apart causing more tension. Christine and Janelle both went to Utah for the holiday while Robyn and Meri celebrated with Kody. He voiced how this demonstrated who was loyal to him and who was not.

There’s still more drama to come.

Did you catch the latest episode of Sister Wives and notice Ariella still using a pacifier? What do you think about Robyn’s parenting skills?

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  1. What is she in need of oof one ? I also care about her teeth forming . I think it’s easier for them to let her have it j than try to ween her off of it !

  2. I eats her the whole episode and I don’t remember ever swing Ari with a binkie once! Sorry but I think this is False news!

  3. I was more appalled that Robin dragged her children into the conversation about Janelle and Chtistine going to Utah for Thanksgiving. She should have left her children out of that conversation or handled it in a way that didn’t make her kids have bad feelings for them. it’s almost as if she’s trying to turn her kids against them? Kids shouldn’t be involved in family disputes period! She could have just said they had other plans since their kids couldn’t travel etc, esp the ones with babies etc and reinforced that they would all be together for Christmas. shane on her for making her kids feel unloved by Janelle and Christine and why does she need a Nanny? In the words of Christine, ” what does the nanny do?”

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