‘SW’ Who Does Kody Brown Think Is Loyal? Sneak Peek

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A new sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Sister Wives continues to show the family falling apart. In the clip, the family is celebrating Thanksgiving and Kody Brown has come to the conclusion of who he thinks is loyal to him and who is not. Keep reading to find out more and see the sneak peek.

Who does Kody Brown think is loyal?

It looks like the Sister Wives family is continuing to crumble before Kody Brown’s eyes. In the TLC sneak peek, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown are seen having Thanksgiving dinner with their children. Janelle says, “Here we are having Thanksgiving dinner alone.”

Christine acknowledges that her and Janelle’s decision to go off and do their own Thanksgiving was hard on everybody. Meanwhile, Kody decides who he thinks is loyal to him and who is not. Meri Brown and Robyn Brown continued the tradition and had Thanksgiving with Kody.

In a confessional, Kody says he’s very aware of those who are loyal to him and those who are not. Of course, Meri and Robyn are the loyal ones while he believes Janelle and Christine are not loyal.

It seems Kody is not happy with anyone and in another video clip, he was mad at Janelle. He said he wasn’t going to say anything negative or positive about their situation involving Gabriel’s girlfriend. Either way, he felt he would be accused of being wrong. In a confessional he says, “Blah, Blah Blah Blah, just vomit more bullsh*t.” He goes on to say how sick of it he is.

Janelle and Christine both appear happy with their decision. In fact, Christine is seen saying she could get used to it. As fans know, Christine left the Brown family in the past few months. Many fans wonder if Meri will be next to ditch Kody.


Meri and Robyn break down

In a previous sneak peek, Meri and Robyn are having a sit-down chat about their relationships with Kody and the family. Robyn continues to have a pity party saying she’s the family’s scapegoat. Meri said with everyone wanting to do their own thing for the holidays that it’s not the family she signed up for.

She also said that Kody has told her they can be friends and nothing else. Meri continued on saying she feels like an outsider. Both women were in tears as Robyn said she was concerned about the wives not seeing Kody. Most viewers don’t believe her sob story and know she’s Kody’s favorite wife.

Fans won’t want to miss this exciting all-new episode of Sister Wives Sunday on TLC.


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