Robyn Brown’s Pity Pot, Says She’s Family Scape Goat

Robyn Brown via YouTube 2

A new sneak peek is out for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives scheduled to air on January 9 on TLC. It seems Robyn Brown and Meri Brown will have a sit-down conversation about the way things are going. Their talk is about each of their relationships with Kody Brown. As fans know, Robyn and Meri have very different relationships with Kody. Robyn has a lot to say and many fans wonder, is she just having a pity party like she always does?

Robyn Brown and Meri Brown talk about Kody

The sneak peek shared by US Weekly, reveals Robyn and Meri talking about their marriages to Kody. It seems Robyn is actually complaining that Kody is spending too much time with her. She said, “I did not sign up to be in this family to only have Kody in my life.” She continues, “As much as I love Kody and it is great to have him around, it is stressing me out. I’m worried about the kids that aren’t seeing their dad, and I’m worried about the wives that aren’t seeing Kody.”

She said she’s tired of begging to be a part of the family. Robyn also said she’s tired of being questioned. Robyn took her chance while talking to Meri to say that she is the family’s scapegoat. She said her mom actually calls her the “Brown family scapegoat.”

In another confessional, she said she called her mom who told her that all the family does is blame her for stuff.

Meri seems shocked by Robyn’s revelation and said it must be a tough position to be in. Moreso fans have to wonder is Robyn even being sincere? Or is she crying fake tears into her pity pot?

Meri goes on to tell Robyn that basically her marriage to Kody is over. She said at least Robyn is a part of the Brown family. Meri continued saying that she is an outsider.

In a confessional Meri goes further with her thoughts. She says, “No I don’t feel like I am part of the Brown family. It’s this weird thing. Am I sister wife when I don’t have a husband? And I have a husband, technically, but do I? … It’s weird.”

Robyn tells Meri that she’s hopeful when she hears Kody say he needs to call Meri or go see her. Meri responded saying she was sorry for sounding cynical but wishes he would actually reach out to her instead of just saying it to Robyn. Meri goes on to tell Robyn that Kody told her they can be friends but nothing else. Robyn responded saying that it was still an open door.

Robyn shares more thoughts on Meri and Kody

In another confessional, Robyn says, “She’s mourning the relationship that she had, the relationship lost, the marriage that she’s lost, and I understand that. I validate it.” She continues, “It’s sad, but I don’t know that its ever going to be what it was, but it could be something new.”

Kody shared nearly a year ago that he and Meri have been in a dark place for a very long time. It seems things are still that way between them.

Meri was Kody’s first wife. However, they divorced when Robyn came along so that he could adopt her three children. Things haven’t been the same since.

Fans won’t want to miss this dramatic episode of Sister Wives Sunday night on TLC.

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