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‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 3 Premiere Recap- Jan. 10

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Last season on Darcey and Stacey, the twins underwent a lot of life changes. Stacey and Florian decided to explore the possibility of having children naturally. Unfortunately, the doctor was not too positive about it. As for Darcey and Georgi, she finally got him to move all of his stuff to Connecticut. Yet she still did not trust him so she set up a meeting with his ex-wife, Octavia. That just furthered the divide. It did not matter as the twins headed to Turkey for head-to-toe makeovers. While overseas, Georgi got in touch with Darcey’s ex, Jesse and she realized she was better off without him. At the end of the season, they returned home “snatched” and Darcey had to see she was better off alone.

The NEW Darcey and Stacey

It has been a few weeks since the twins have arrived back from Turkey. They are enjoying their time with Darcey’s daughters, Aniko and Aspen while Florian grills with grandpa, Mike. Included in this were a lip lift, nose refinement, breast jobs, and lipo. Darcey’s daughters think they look good but a tad off as if the twins may have taken it too far. Clearly, the girls are avoiding saying that but they point out the enhancements that dramatize some of the features such as the cheekbones.

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Aniko was the one who said their mom constantly gets plastic surgery to feel better about herself while she wanted to enter the beauty pageant for self-esteem and to attempt to feel comfortable about herself.  So, it shows how far apart her views are from Darcey’s. Papa Mike is still adjusting to his daughter’s new look but says he sees past that. He will always just see Darcey and Stacey.

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Aniko is excited to get ready for her pageant and with that on the horizon, the twins have some news. They want to throw themselves into their brand, House of 11 which launched in 2010. There is a new men’s swimwear line they are eager to put out so they are extremely excited to move forward on that. It seems like the right time with their new faces and bodies. They have a whole team and staff in LA and have invested a lot of money so they will do what it takes.

What About Georgi?

Yes, Darcey does miss Georgi. However, she says she is standing strong yet admits he does text her. He wants her to meet him in New York. Georgi left for a hotel at the end of last season and she does feel a connection to him, that she won’t deny. The big question is if she will let her guard down and go back to him. Stacey does not want her to go yet Darcey seems to be up and down. She claims she still has the strength from Turkey and her family is reminding her to remain empowered.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Darcey says it is a pattern and her father understands this. He tried to explain how to break these patterns, that it starts within. Everyone agrees they want her in a healthy relationship for once in her life. On the bright side, it has been one year since Florian and Stacey have gotten married so he has cooked her breakfast. They are now planning a dream wedding now that baby-making is on hold. As a gift, she bought them a hand-cast so they can mold themselves together.

When talking about weddings, Florian wants a big wedding with 400 people and to upgrade Stacey’s ring. She says he needs to get a job. Apparently, he is getting ready to upgrade his modeling portfolio so Stacey is really proud. Sadly, their hand mold failed.

Darcey and Stacey…And Georgi Again

So Darcey is going to New York to see Georgi. She says she is breaking the bad patterns but this is exactly what she did when Tom came to town wanting to see her. That ended very badly with him even insulting her weight. More so, it seems Darcey is curious to see what Georgi’s reaction is to her new look. She also is worried he will hold on to the past and not be able to move on.

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva appeared on 90 Day Bares All
90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva appeared on 90 Day Bares All [Image @darceysilva/Instagram]
He greets her with a picnic and flowers, saying he is so happy to see her. She is overwhelmed but this is not why she agreed to see him. Georgi says the new version of her is like “sunshine” then adds he had no intention of hurting her. He reflects on the past. So much happened, he felt useless but admits she drove him crazy because he did not know who he was. Quarantine was a big factor in all of that.

At this point, he says he will do whatever it takes to get Darcey back. This thrills her but she wishes it had happened a lot sooner. They went through so much and she cannot go through this again. Darcey hands him back the ring but he tells her to put it down because it is bad luck then he tears up. He helps her move her luggage and they walk away.

Florian The Model

Fadil is a photographer who Florian met on social media. They are both Albanian so Fadil saw something in Florian. This man could launch his career. Stacey is a little taken aback by the female model posing with her husband. She “jokes” she should be modeling with him because they look good together. In the end, it brings her back to when she and Darcey used to model for their brand and she cannot wait to get back out there again. She just hopes her husband is as supportive of her business as she is of his career.

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC

Back in New York, Darcey is waking up in her hotel room- with Georgi. All it took was him helping her with her bags. She said she feels a little regretful because she promised herself she would not do that and they are not back together. After they check out, he tells her he wants to get therapy and find a way to make it work because they love each other. He does not want another failed relationship. Darcey says she needs time to process so she has her sister and friends over when she gets home.

Stacey shares they want to enter Miami Fashion with their company. That’s exciting but not as jaw-dropping as Darcey sharing she stayed over with Georgi. He was not a fan fave and now she is mixed up with him again. Though her friends love her, they are not going to go through this with her again so hugs and they are out.

Will she end up with Georgi and how will the House of 11 re-launch go? Find out on this season of Darcey and Stacey airing every Monday on TLC.

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