Janelle Brown Goes Rogue, Tells Kody Where To Get Off

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Janelle Brown has been having an exceptionally hard time with Kody these past two seasons of Sister Wives. His pandemic rules are above and beyond what she ever anticipated. It had singularly divided the family and now the 2020 holiday season is upon them. The wives have been told what protocols they must follow in order to properly gather for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, it may be too late to make anyone want to commit to the lifestyle Kody has handed down.

Janelle Brown- Queen of Her Own Castle

When the original three wives lived in Utah, they were all under one roof. Meri, Janelle, and Christine lived in one home designed by a polygamist. There, Kody would rotate between the three. Yet, Janelle openly admitted she thrived in a working environment. She gave birth to six children who were primarily raised by Meri and Christine. Though Janelle loved being a mother, she was not the stay-at-home type and she was honest about this. When Robyn was brought in and the Browns soon moved to Las Vegas, everything changed.

Janelle Brown Credit: YouTube

The wives each had their own home and autonomy. Despite their kids getting to go from house to house, each woman could set the rules and boundaries. Janelle also found a new career in real estate and eventually in the MLM business. She also founded Strive with Janelle to help people live healthier lifestyles. This carried her along to Flagstaff when the family moved in 2018. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Janelle really took a stand against Kody.

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She still had three kids at home and wanted to let them live their best lives. Yes, she wanted them to be safe but she also knew that Gabriel was in school with a girlfriend. At the same time, Garrison was working and saving money for a home while Savanah was still in high school. Janelle ultimately insisted Kody not come by for a while as it just was not safe. This season, she has openly said she will choose her kids over a husband. Now, she is telling Kody where he can stick it.

Kody Gets An Earful

The Brown family is eager to get together for the upcoming 2020 holidays. However, Christine was visibly irritated when she learned Robyn and Kody had a nanny. She wanted to understand what the nanny did to be able to come by the home when her children could not. Kody shared the printed-out rules. If the wives and the children at home abided by them, they could gather for the holidays. It was a lot for both Christine and Janelle to process.

SW Christine Brown - Janelle brown

Now, in a preview for the upcoming episode, Janelle shares the rules with her kids. They have not been receptive to Kody’s handling of the pandemic at all. Now, it is about to be a war between Janelle and Kody as she stands up to his crazy ways. Janelle is tired of Kody believing she is being irresponsible during these times. She has said she follows the CDC rules but he does not listen. Janelle believes this could be the biggest issue they have ever faced in their marriage.

Janelle Brown Credit: YouTube

She is also seen trying to work with her kids so they can be with each other for the holidays. This is in spite of the fact Janelle and Christine won’t be there for Thanksgiving. Perhaps they are hopeful for Christmas but Janelle’s sons are tired of the way Kody has handled the whole COVID situation. They believe he has been divisive, not helpful.

Can Janelle Brown and Kody pull it together for the family? Find out when Sister Wives airs every Sunday on TLC.



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    1. Yes it was a year ago, but it is just now being shown. All of the shows on TLC film months in advance. In this case it was a year ago.

  1. He wouldnt be happy , not having his 4th wife to please him. When he was young, he lived having 4 different women to bed. Now 1, is enough. No one should see to his needs. He was horrible to Mary, when she wanted to get back into a marital relationship. I say leave him. Noone will want him. Funny not 1 of his children ,want his life style. Says alot

  2. I wish he and Robin would just go away. Cody and Robin are a family. When he married her he left the other 3 . So I can’t figure out why they stay. They all make a living with out him.

  3. Kody has lost his mind! A few little chores? Really?? Robin is afraid to say anything against him! Kody should have been at his daughters side during surgery. No excuses!! The way he had treated Meri has been unforgivable. A religious man – I think not!

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