‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Episode 6 Recap- Dec. 26

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Last week on Sister Wives, Ysabel finally had her scoliosis surgery. Sadly, Kody was not there for it but she asked for him the moment she woke up. Due to the anesthesia, she forgot she was repeatedly asking for him. Christine did the best she could to help Ysabel feel good about herself though it was rough. Meri was also facing her own struggles. She realized she was alone and truly missed her family, especially Robyn’s two youngest kids. Meri also wished she and Kody could come to a more decent and communicative understanding.

Janelle shared that Garrison has enough money for a home but not the down payment. Kody is desperate for him to move out since he is working during a pandemic. Janelle shares she will always choose her kids over a husband. He feels he is no longer the head of the household except with Robyn’s family. Ysabel returned home and Christine was beyond exhausted from taking care of her. Janelle offered to help but they were still quarantining. Can the family try to get better? It will be a struggle now that Robyn has an unknown nanny in the home.

Broken Sister Wives

Moving to Flagstaff was one strain on the family. Add in COVID and it was just a disaster. There was such a breakdown of communication and every discussion revolved around the pandemic. Kody is the main one to rotate from home to home yet it is still so divisive. There are rules yet it feels like no one can really do anything right. If Janelle travels or her kids work, that whole family gets punished. Kody will not invest and stays away.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

Ysabel is recovering from her surgery and is in so much pain. Both she and Christine are struggling with the fact Kody was not there. Even the doctors were shocked. Kody hopes his daughter does not resent him for the rest of her life. He asks Christine to go back to isolating and not have people over. She reminds him that if they go out, people want to talk to them. The family wants to see them, they cannot be locked up forever.

She also adds he is not around that much anyway, even prior to COVID per the rotation. Robyn chimes in during her confessional that since the pandemic, Kody’s rotation is determined by each wife’s behaviors. Beforehand, he would spend two nights at each home, minus Meri’s. Now, he comes longer and is gone longer. For Janelle, it makes sense. Kody stopped making an effort with Christine when she started traveling. He forgets one major time she was away was to help their daughter.

Christine Takes A Stand

When Kody would come by, he would have dinner but be on his phone most of the time. Then, he would go to bed and wake up before the girls got up. Christine says it would be better if he spent days with them. He goes on to say she was in New Jersey essentially on a vacation. She was with Ysabel getting major and much-needed surgery. Additionally, he adds how Truely had kidney failure as a toddler. Christine is feeling like he is acting like she is misbehaving. It is like a smack in the face.

Kody Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown via YouTube

The wives do wear masks out in public and are safe yet Robyn does not visit others and vice versa. Kody notes that Robyn is the one who makes the most effort. She is seemingly most committed to familial values. Then the nanny is brought up. Robyn has had a nanny for years but in Vegas, it was her niece. Now, she has someone new. Kody calls her an “employee” and she helps with schooling the kids while the husband shops. Christine wants to know what the nanny and her husband do to permit them into the house.

Yet, Christine and her kids have followed the rules and Ysabel cannot come to see her siblings. If they cannot have the 2020 holidays, Christine is leaving. Kody is over it so he will try to talk to the other wives to attempt to get some backup. After he leaves, she starts to wonder if he even cares to see the family together again. Kody says there is a fundamental breakdown of trust in the family.

Sister Wives Big Reveal

Mykelti and Tony are in town for the big gender reveal. They shared their pregnancy announcement virtually due to COVID. Now, they have come from Utah to Flagstaff at four months to celebrate this moment with the whole family. Mykelti wants to do a home birth but Tony is against this completely. This is totally normal in the Brown family as Janelle had half and half and Meri had Mariah at home.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron
Mykleti Padron | Instagram

Mykelti and Tony will be staying at a hotel while in town but only in close contact with Christine and her girls. Kody is wearing a mask outside to remind the family of the dangers of the pandemic. The couple  attempted to a fun science experiment to reveal the gender but it failed. Luckily, Christine was the backup and had the gender on her shirt and it’s a girl! Everyone is so excited with Christine noting what amazing parents they will make. They are fun and communicate so well.

Rules, Rules, Rules

After Christine learned about Robyn’s nanny, she was very curious as to what rules she had to follow. So, the wives and Kody are meeting at Meri’s to discuss the situation and how they can actually get together again. Kody starts off by addressing Christine and how she wants to know why the nanny can be with the kids. He has printed out the rules she and her husband must abide by and has sanitized them. Christine is extra curious to review them so maybe she can understand what is going on in his head.

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Robyn jumps in and announces she is not the culprit, it was actually Kody who created all the rules. Meri made a quick joke about the rules and she gets pounced on. She reminds them she will defend Robyn through and through. Kody reminds Meri it is not about her but rather some of the kids who take exception to them. Robyn reminds the kids Kody is not someone to be run by one of his wives. Janelle had wanted rules months ago and suddenly they are being presented.

Here is the list:

  • Wear mask in public
  • sanitize hands after shopping
  • clean mail with alcohol wipes
  • remove shoes outside
  • change clothes after outside exposure
  • no restaurants-only curbside pickup
  • two week quarantine after vacation
  • no movie theaters
  • 10 ft social distance when with friends

Ten billion commandments of COVID by Kody deems Janelle. For Robyn, it is not hard so she can have Kody over and same goes for Meri. Christine asks if they follow these rules can they get together for the 2020 holidays. She accidentally looks at Robyn when asking and Kody erupts. When would he ever have a head wife? Apparently never.

Sister Wives Betrayal

Kody feels so betrayed by the way the meeting went. Yet, Janelle maintains that even if they followed the rules, nothing would happen. She believes he would always believe someone was lying. Furthermore, she adds that she has been obeying the government. Robyn says she has followed the rules for seven months which is fine for her to have Kody around. It would give Janelle a mental health crisis if she had to go through all of this on a daily basis. For Christine, this feels like a dictatorship not a marriage.

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Meri just wants everyone to get along. Janelle says she will follow the rules to get to Christmas. Yet, she is forced to choose between the kids and Kody. She will always choose her kids. Christine shares she will not be there for Thanksgiving as she will be with her out-of-state kids. Janelle won’t be there either but she will pass it down for Christmas. Meri wants to be able to see Robyn and the kids but they have been holding her back. Kody has authorized for her to come by.

The family feels like it is crumbling since everyone will be scattered for the holiday. Christine does not want to be home and does not want to be home. Robyn cries and hugs Meri, forgetting the rules and is ready to schedule a play-date. She just wants Meri to be happy, even with Kody.

Next time, Janelle’s boys are over Kody’s rules so they are ready to rebel. At the same time, Robyn and Janelle are lamenting over having “too much” of Kody. In the end, Kody and Janelle have a war of the words leading Janelle to tell him to f- off. Watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.




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  1. Cody is so stupid Doesn’t he have all his shots He’s being completely stupid about the Covid rules. As long as they have had all their shots what is the problem. If I was the women I’d leave his ass He’s just trying to be a big boss But he’s a big bully I’m sure the girls do all of these anyway I’d tell him to go to hell My family do all these things and we still go out to stores and wear masks and we still get together. We have had all our shots. Have all of them Stupid he’s stupid

    1. It really bothers me when people SEE how to spell a name, i.e. Kodi, and they ignore it and spell it however they want. Don’t you agree, Backey?

  2. You do realize that all of this was in the summer of 2020 before there were vaccines and, actually, Kody was being the smartest of all of them by adhering to the guidelines of the time? If not, then you should really pay attention to the intertitles.
    Also very touched by Robyn’s affection for Meri and her commonsense compliance with the rules (PS these were not Kody’s rules, but those recommended by the CDC and the WHO at the time of filming).

    1. What are you talking about? Kody told Robin that Meri could come and see her and the kids a long time ago and Robin was the one that said no!! She didn’t want Meri coming around even though she had been following all the rules.

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