Kody Brown Dissed By Janelle, Stands By Her Sons

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In a preview for an upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown makes it clear her children are the center of her world — not her husband Kody. Trying to have a civilized conversation with her husband Kody, Janelle explains that’s just the way things work in a plural marriage.

Kody, however, noticeably becomes more and more frustrated as the conversation continues. Annoyance washes over him as he feels both dissed and dismissed by his wife Janelle. Was she really choosing her sons Gabriel and Garrison over him?

Kody wants Garrison kicked out of the house

The COVID-19 pandemic was a large factor in the conversation Kody Brown had with his wife Janelle in this preview. The TLC father explained that he misses his wife Janelle and he wants to spend more time with his daughter Savanah. He, however, feels that his sons Garrison and Gabriel are ruining his relationship with Janelle and Savanah.

During a confessional in the clip, Kody admits that his wife Janelle is currently in a situation where she is forced to choose between him and the boys. Unfortunately, it has become clear that she is dissing him and choosing the boys. The clip flashes back to the conversation Kody and Janelle are having. Kody notes that Janelle has always had a problem with giving her children too much control.

Janelle shrugs off the notion. She agrees that her babies are her entire world. But, she doesn’t think that decision is a mistake.

Kody Brown/Janelle Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/Janelle Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives fans praise Janelle Brown’s parenting

In the comments of this video clip, Sister Wives fans are horrified Kody would put any of his wives in a position where they are forced to choose between him and his children. Fans how argue she’s making a choice that any decent parent would make.

One fan penned: “Good parents choose their kids over anything else. Good on Janelle!”

“Shame on him for the stupid things he says. Blaming Gabriel for the state of his marriage. Stop being a covid freak, Kody, before you lose them all.” Another chimed in.

Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown 2
Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown 2

A third agreed: “Mothers should always choose their children, over any man!”

Overall, Sister Wives fans believe Kody is treating Garrison the exact same way he treated Ysabel. And, they believe Kody is using COVID-19 as a way to keep a distance between him and his children.

Are you surprised Janelle Brown dissed her husband and sided with her boys? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  1. Janelle of course would stick by her kids. Her boys see his choices are based around one wife.. Cody should just say he wants the one wife he is with everyday anyway. Cody should’ve gone with Yosobel. What he said to her was just not right. That was a big surgery. Then to say h’d be breaking his own COVID rules in regards to her was another ridiculous statement. She needed surgery how do you not go? Robin said she wouldn’t be happy not seeing him for two weeks but who cares. How do you not go with your kid? The kids all see they no longer matter. Meri begs for time. He is a jerk with her too. I wish she would just move on and find a real man. I think the covid rules are Robin’s who complains she was the one chasing kids at picnic at Coyote Pass. Yes they were your small kids that no one could go near anyway.

  2. Why would Kody and Robyn need a nanny when both are there to take care of the kids and the house?!!! What are they doing that they can’t care for their own children?? Surely they are not leaving the house! Are they just being lazy? If they are obeying their own covid rules it seems the nanny shouldn’t be able to just come and go anytime!!! Not even other family members, wives or children, have been allowed to do that! That seems very disrespectful to the other wives and the other children!

  3. I think Cody needs to quit being so paranoid, start living your life don’t let this virus consume you your like living in a bubble and need pay attention to your kids needs Your right Robin is wearing the pants.

  4. Biblically the order is God is first, spouse comes next, then your children. If you don’t have a strong marriage then your other relationships suffer.

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