Janelle Brown In Her Glory, But Something’s Missing?

Janelle Brown In Her Glory, But Something's Missing [Screenshot | YouTube]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a photo of herself all in her glory. She was seen hanging out with her kids during the holiday season. The Brown family got to gather together this year. But something was missing from the photo. Fans took to Janelle’s post to see what was different about it. Maybe you can figure it out for yourself.

Sister Wives star shares holiday photo with her kids

On Tuesday, December 29, Janelle took to Instagram to share a heartwarming photo with her fans. She was joined by most of her children. Janelle Brown has six kids with her husband, Kody Brown. The couple shares Gabriel Brown, Garrison Brown, Hunter Brown, Logan Brown, Madison Brown, and Savanah Brown.

Janelle stood in the center of her children. She wore a whimsical Christmas cardigan, which she paired with a black T-shirt and jeans. She finished off her look with black clogs. Meanwhile, her kids posed around her with big smiles on their faces.

Had almost all of my kids home for Christmas ❤️🎄” Janelle Brown wrote in the caption.

Over 69,000 fans liked her post. Most of them flocked to the comment section to share what was missing from the photo. Fans had some interesting observations. Read on to learn more.

Janelle Brown's Family Photo [Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]

Janelle Brown has fans guessing

Most fans were happy that Janelle had some of her kids with her at Christmastime. One user wrote, “So happy for you putting your kids first!!” Yet, some fans couldn’t help but notice that something was off. Another user asked why her kids were dressed for different seasons.

“I’m confused Hunter’s dressed for summer, the rest for [snowflake emojis] LOL,” the user wrote.

Their comment received 132 likes. Janelle responded, “Haha! Yes, we are all laughing about it!” Other fans said they could relate with their own family members. Especially when they have kids visiting from another state.

Janelle Brown Celebrates Thanksgiving 2021
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]

Where’s Kody Brown?

Some Sister Wives fans pointed out the obvious. Where was the patriarch of the family? Others couldn’t help but notice how happy Janelle look when Kody’s not around.

“Everyone always seems happier when Kody isn’t there,” the fan mused. “I guess he was at Robyn’s. He is missing out coz kids are great when they are young adults.”

That comment got 154 likes. However, not everyone liked the comment. Another fan advised them to “not bring negativity to a happy thread.” Some speculated whether Kody was the one behind the camera.

Janelle Brown Christmas Family Photo
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
Yet, some aren’t convinced. Fans can’t help but notice that Kody is with Robyn a lot more than his other wives. he also stayed with her for most of the pandemic. They’re disappointed to see that Kody missed out on this mini family reunion with one of his original wives.

What are your thoughts? Where do you think Kody Brown is? Do you think he’s with Robyn? Sound off below in the comment section.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Chanel Adams


  1. I think most of the wives are more and more aware of
    The fact that Cody is whacko and the love is gone. They don’t want him but want the family. Cody’sego will have a problem accepting that.

    1. If Kody had wanted to be there, he would have been there. Kody knows what he wants and will bully, cajole and stamp his feet to get it. Sadly, chances are he simply wasn’t interested. Your loss, Kody.

  2. He is always with Robyn. I wish he would find another younger woman than sobbing Robyn and marry her and show sobbing Robyn what the other wives went through when she came into the situation. Then maybe we would see real tears. The other wives are taking charge of their own lives and kids. Yay for them. That’s going to be hard on Kodys ego. And maybe Janelle kids came from somewhere warmer and didn’t bring anything else??

  3. What do this women see in Kody? He’s a narcisstic ass. That Robyn person is such a phony! Meri’s a door mat…pathetic actually..she says she stays because God says that’s where she belongs…HA!…doubt seriously if God wants her to be groveling for attention back stabbed belittled…list goes on & on. Apparently she doesn’t mind but if that’s why she’s staying then say so but don’t bring God into it. Christine looks fabulous since leaving she radiates happiness! Janelle has always been the thick skinned of the bunch don’t believe she’ll leave she’ll just do her own thing.

  4. Janelle should stay I believe she loves kody. Don’t give Robyn what she wants and don’t let kody off the hook that easy. You had a wonderful family and don’t let one person push you out. Your a strong woman fight for your man, and really give it to him for being heartless to your children He needs to grow up and be the man he claims he is. Those are all of his children and he is breaking there hearts. Robyn is a disgrace to take him away from the rest of his family shame on them both only thinking of themselves. He can go to your house without any issues. If he can have a nanny then he can see his family disgusting

  5. kody is a conceited ass and believes the world revolves around him. He doesn’t want a real marriage with Janelle, Meri or Christine anymore but wants to still dictate their lives. Robyn, the sad sack, is his fav wife, and I don’t know why

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