Janelle Brown Steps Into Robyn’s Role, As Kody Reveals HUGE Hole

Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

Role reversal! Sister Wives star Janelle Brown steps into Robyn’s role. Plus, Kody reveals a HUGE hole. What’s going on?

Kody Brown digs himself a big hole?

On the next episode of Sister Wives, viewers will see Kody Brown’s excitement over the big hole he’s dug. And he shares that excitement with one of his sons. Solomon is the youngest son of Kody Brown.

In a new preview clip shared exclusively by Hollywood Life, the Sister Wives patriarch tours the Coyote Pass with Solomon, even taking his son down a huge hole.

Wait, why is there a massive hole on the property? It seems the Brown family is FINALLY making progress on the daunting Coyote Pass project. Once completed, the project will give Kody and his wives – just three now that Christine ended their spiritual marriage – their own homes on one big plot of land.

In the clip, Janelle Brown steps up and takes over sister wife Robyn’s role in the family.

Janelle Brown steps into Robyn’s role

Not everyone is quite as excited about the family patriarch showing his young son a gaping hole in the ground.

Solomon, 10, is one of the two biological children Kody has with his fourth wife, Robyn. Additionally, he adopted her three children from a previous marriage.

Janelle Brown/Kody Brown/Robyn Brown via YouTube
Janelle Brown/Kody Brown/Robyn Brown via YouTube

Kody and Solomon weren’t alone in touring the Coyote Pass land. Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, joined the duo in Robyn’s stead. In the promo clip, she explains her presence.

“I know Robyn and I know Robyn’s a big worrier, probably bigger than I. And I’m like, dude, I have to represent Robyn here,” Janelle Brown – Sister Wives.

However, Kody Brown dismisses her concerns, assuring her, “It’s going to be fine.”

Why is there a huge hole on the property, anyway?

Coyote Pass construction FINALLY starting?

Sister Wives viewers, rejoice! The Brown family is FINALLY starting construction on the much-talked-about Coyote Pass land in Arizona. Earlier in Season 16, the wives divvied up the land by plotting where their respective houses will go. Apparently, Kody Brown plans to build one home just for himself, which doesn’t sit well with his wives or fans.

Kody and Janelle celebrate the reason for the hole. As Hollywood Life reports, a “20,000-gallon cistern” will fill the hole. The cistern will “gather and store water from a well,” the outlet notes.

Kody can barely contain his excitement in the clip when he says, “This is the beginning of our development of the property, right here.”

Click here to watch the preview clip.

Don’t miss the episode of Sister Wives airing Sunday, December 12. Subscribers of discovery+ can watch the episode early on the streaming service.

Does it surprise you that Janelle Brown stepped into Robyn’s role as Solomon’s mother? Are you as excited as Kody is about the Coyote Pass project finally starting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I find it comical that Kody is now building on the Coyote Pass land. It won’t last & will never be finished. Each wife should have to pay for their own house, Robin wouldn’t get a house, she has no job!! If Kody builds a house for himself, the remaining wives need to spiritually leave him. He could care less about Janelle & Mary! I wish they’d wake up like Christine did!!

    1. Cody may owe Robin a special gift. She looks like she is pregnant. It may be the way she is dressed or the way she is sitting, but she looks several months along.

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