‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Dumps Kody Because He’s No Fun?

Christine and Kody Brown/YouTube

Did Sister Wives star Christine Brown dump Kody because he’s no fun? Keep reading to find out what she says about his attitude and how it affects her family.

Only one of his wives wants him around all the time – and it’s not who you think

Sister Wives viewers think that Kody Brown loves Robyn the most of his four wives. But is the feeling mutual? Perhaps not after spending months in quarantine together.

During an upcoming episode of the TLC reality show, Robyn gets real with Janelle about seeing Kody so much. According to Robyn, she would like her husband to spend more time with his other wives. Could that be why she’s pushing the rest of the family to follow his strict quarantine rules?

Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube
Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube

Robyn, Janelle, and Christine all agreed in confessional interviews to wanting some independence from their husband. However, his first wife, Meri Brown, implied that she would like to spend time alone with Kody.

Did Christine Brown dump Kody because he’s no fun?

Robyn Brown also admitted in the Us Weekly preview clip that Kody is difficult to be around. She said her husband has been “really unhappy.”

His third wife – now former wife – Christine Brown seems to co-sign Robyn during her own one-on-one interview. After saying she likes her independence, Christine said spending time with Kody is “fine.”

However, “We do have a tendency to have more fun when he’s not there though,” she admitted.

Christine Brown via YouTube
Christine Brown via YouTube

Could that be part of the reason why she ended their spiritual marriage? She made the shocking announcement in November, just weeks before Season 16 was to premiere on TLC.

Knowing that Christine and Kody are over, viewers have been picking up hints and cracks in their relationship. Another possible reason for her leaving the marriage is his treatment of their daughter Ysabel.

Daughters decide whether to ditch dad for the holidays

Sister Wives fans were disgusted earlier this season when Kody refused to travel to New Jersey for his daughter’s serious back surgery. After years of pain, Ysabel, then 17, had surgery in late 2020 to correct her curved spine. Season 16 cameras were there to document her surgery and recovery.

The season currently airing on TLC also caught the Brown family’s disagreement on how to spend the 2020 holidays. Kody required that everyone in the plural family quarantine in order to have a big gathering.

However, Christine Brown gathered her three youngest daughters – Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely – to present an option to them.

Would they rather spend Thanksgiving in quarantine at home in Arizona, or travel to Utah to spend the holiday with their sisters Aspyn and Mykelti?

The girls overwhelmingly voted to ditch their dad and Arizona for their siblings in Utah.

Christine Brown confessed to the cameras that she wanted to spend the holiday in Utah as well but didn’t want to sway her daughters’ opinions.

Check out the bonus clip of Christine’s conversation with her kids:

Click here to see the next episode’s preview.

Do you think Christine might have dumped Kody because he’s no fun? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC. Subscribers of discovery+ can watch the episodes early on the streaming app.

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