‘Sister Wives’ Star Mariah Brown Reaches Out To Instagram Followers

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

Sister Wives daughter Mariah Brown took to her Instagram Tuesday night and reached out to her followers. Unusually, Mariah, Meri Brown’s daughter, really wants to engage with her followers and get to know them.  She said that she would like people to introduce themselves by saying where they live. Additionally, she wanted people to mention something they are proud of. It looks like this excursion into social media brings positivity. Immediately, fans took up the invitation.

‘Sister Wives’ returns January 20

When the new season of Sister Wives returns in just under two weeks, Mariah does appear in the show again. In fact, we know that she seems puzzled about her dad Kody, who decided to move to Flagstaff but still admits to missing Utah deeply. In the new season preview, she says, “it’s funny that dad misses Utah so much,” and “It’s like a state that kind of kicked him out.”

Ahead of the season, reaching out to her followers may mean she really wants to engage with them, or at least TLC wants her to.  Whatever the reason, no fans of the Sister Wives show would turn down an invitation to get to know her a bit better. Actually, fans who follow her know she moved to Chicago where a new adventure began with Audrey Kriss. This couple is still doing well. There, her new apartment made her very happy, and her posts constantly bring out the best of her experiences. Now, she wants to get to know some of her followers better.

Mariah Brown’s space to connect on Instagram

When she went to put up her latest post on Instagram, Mariah talked about how much she appreciates the “space to connect” on the site. Furthermore, she realizes she has an opportunity to connect to people from all over the world and from “all walks of life.” Additionally, she wants to make the most of getting to know them this year. Giving it a lot of thought, she decided the best way would be to ask Sister Wives fans to talk about themselves. Nice and easy, just an intro of where they live and something they’re proud of.

Well, proving her right on the diversity side, fans came from all over the world. Actually, Mariah managed to accumulated followers from:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Australia, and all across the USA.


Mariah’s followers speak out about what made them proud of themselves

Sister Wives followers quickly dug deep inside their souls and shared a multitude of things they feel proud about. These ranged from their strength of character, through confronting mental health issues, to completing education and recovering from life-altering surgery.  Similarly, others mentioned their children and the pride they feel in raising nice people. Meanwhile, quite a few people mentioned their weight loss and the time they spend volunteering with rescue shelters.

What do think about Mariah Brown reaching out to her fans on Instagram like that? She even found the time to respond to some of the messages, so probably she really does mean to interact and engage with them more this year.

As the new Sister Wives season arrives on January 20, stay up to date with news about the Brown family. Check in with TV Shows Ace often.

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  1. I am a mother of 3 boys and have 12 grandkids 10 boys and 2 girls And if any of them treated me like you have treated your Mother over the stupid Catfish thing I would disown them, I think you were really a cruel, selfish Young lady, When your mother needed you most you turned your back on her, And your father need a kick up the Ass as well, Meri is a wonderful person that needs her family around her You need to grow up, If you have read any thing that has been Printed They all say the same thing Grow Up, Treat your mother with respect

  2. I have really loved watching this show as when you do not understand something then you seem to go on the I do not approve side of it….. I did not disapprove as I believe everyone should be able to live the way that makes them happy, but I sure did not understand it. This show has given me a small window into how it would be and how normal they all are. It has helped me to not be afraid that the women are treated poorly. I really do love them all and how they all have their strengths in the marriage. Kody does have is hands full with them all …LOL

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