‘Sister Wives’ New First Look Preview Reveals New Season Spoilers

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It is time for a new season of Sister Wives. Luckily, TLC just shared a new first look preview that shares a few spoilers. This YouTube video is only a little over two minutes long, but it does show a lot about what fans can expect to see this season.

Meri Brown wants her bed and breakfast

The preview starts with Meri Brown talking about her bed and breakfast. This was a big deal last season of the show. Meri was able to get the loan approved where she could get the house, but she wasn’t able to get a down payment all on her own. Kody Brown explains to her that the family just doesn’t have the money to give her.

This is a hard situation. This bed and breakfast is really important to Meri. The women are also still having a few issues with their relationships. These four women need to learn how to get along.

Aspyn Brown’s wedding

The preview shows Aspyn Brown sharing that she is engaged to Mitch. Viewers already saw this news, but they didn’t see the wedding, which will happen on this season of Sister Wives. They also talk about if they will ever live the polygamy lifestyle or not. Mitch says he wouldn’t go and seek other women, but it doesn’t sound like they are totally against the idea.

The Brown’s make a big move

Kody Brown talks about how good Las Vegas has been to them. He also wants to move back to Utah and always has wanted to move there. The family has big talks about how moving and Janelle isn’t thrilled with the idea of moving her son during his junior year of high school.

Kody admits that he wants the entire family to go together. The Sister Wives family does end up moving to Arizona. It is going to be a hard move, but this is what they decide to do. It isn’t really explained why they made this big decision to move, but it will all be seen this season on the show.

Make sure you don’t miss Sister Wives when it returns to TLC. New episodes will start airing on January 20, 2019.

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