‘Sister Wives’ News: Kody Brown Rents Robyn Brown Huge House, Janelle Gets Smaller Rental

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown just moved to Arizona along with his four wives. Now, Radar Online is sharing that the houses the wives got are not the same. It turns out that Kody rented Robyn Brown a huge house. Janelle Brown is living in a smaller rental home. There has been a lot of talk over the years that people think that Robyn is the favorite.

Both Janelle and Robyn still have kids at home. They just got rental homes and neither one has purchased yet. It turns out that Robyn’s house is worth a million dollars, but Janelle’s is small compared to hers. It is really confusing why Kody Brown would decide to pick them out this way.


Robyn is paying rent in her home of $3,500. That is pretty high rent, but it is also a huge house worth over a million dollars. It has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Maybe they are going to use this home as the gathering place for the family. It sounds more than big enough to have everyone over for dinner.

Janelle Brown is living in a much smaller home, but it isn’t tiny. It is worth over $300,000 and is a bit over 2,000 sq. ft where Robyn’s is over 6000 sq. ft. Janelle only has three bedrooms in her home. This would hardly even fit her own children. Meri is there with the family, but they never talked about her house.

Kody and Christine Brown own their home and it is worth over $500,000. This sounds like the type of house that would fit them a bit more. This one is also only three bedrooms. Maybe they are all waiting to find the perfect house to purchase like Christine was able to do. Kody did purchase some land, so more than likely they are building again. It hasn’t been shared how close they all are to each other. The upcoming season of Sister Wives shows some tension between the wives but this isn’t anything new.

Are you surprised to hear that Kody Brown got such different homes for his wives? Do you feel like this is only temporary? Let us know in the comments, and don’t miss Sister Wives when it starts airing again in January on TLC.

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  1. I would think temp homes. Surely none of them need a million dollar home…. unless they plan on living together again. I do think they all should have about the same size homes, for one is no better than the other……Jonell does work and helps with the bills; Robyn has her own business but who knows if it is doing anything or not (to expensive for my taste and budget); Christine does seem to take care of the kids most of the time; and Meri….well she deserves it cause after all she was the 1st wife and gave that up to help with Robyn’s kids get what they needed. Meri has a tender heart when it comes to all the kids……I love this family and want to see how the older kids are doing…..Can’t wait for it to return to TV.

    1. What a kind heart you have. I agree with all that you say other than I don’t love this family. I find it interesting and there are some wives I like more than others but I don’t dislike any of them. Kody is a jackass but I like the wives. I wish for Meri that she would realize her true worth and just move on to a man who can love only her and not decide after a while that he wants more wives. I honestly feel that Robin is his obvious favorite but I don’t believe that she tried to be. That falls squarely on Kody’s shoulders. She seems to me to be a peacemaker or at least tries to be and often uses her obvious influence with Kody to the benefit of the other wives.

      1. I agree meri needs to get out and find a man who will only love her, she’s given up a lot for the family .and Cody needs to actually get a real mans job. It sickens me to see how meri is treated .and the wives need to stop doing everything Cody wants the have a Brain use it. You don’t need Cody to survive it’s like he’s sponging off his wives. What exactly does Cody do to bring money into the house holds? Rooting for Meri to move on but still be friends with the family .and her daughter needs to have compassion for her mother. Her mother excepted her life style she needs to help her mother also.

        1. I agree and Meri needs to know that there isn’t a retirement plan with this group. Robin knew what she was doing becoming LEGAL wife. She has all the power.

          1. I believe cody has his cake and eating it too. Short and sweet. He dont love them the same. I wish christine mary and janelle should leave him. Hes distasteful

      2. This season, it you pay attention, you will notice that Kody does not spend much time in Meri’s house, with her and you never see him getting any clothes or personal items at her house. He never uses any endearing terms or gives her any affection or conversation other than obligatory contact. I find it fascinating that the is supposed to be this “spiritual” leader and all this “love should be multiplied “ lip service, but he is oblivious to his lack of love, understanding and you know that great big thing called FORGIVENESS and has not owned his part in the breakdown of their marriage. The family placing the blame on Meri’s shoulders is wrong…they all share the blame …and Robyn is as passive aggressive as they come…Flagstaff my ass…jackass Kody picked that place because of Robyn’s son…

        1. Yes Robyn’s son got into college there and after that was when it was a big deal to move.
          Why do they need such expensive homes anyway if they are talking about lack of finances??

      3. I think that Robin has pulled the wool over your eyes! Robin gets what robin wants and always has. They moved to Flagstaff because that’s where her son got excepted for college. She used the ploy to get Mary to give up her status of the only legal wife Cody had, using her children, who will be grown and out very soon. She acts like she doesn’t know about Cody’s plans for anything and is so surprised! It’s funny isn’t it that it’s always perfect for her. She didn’t want Mary to have the lot with the pond because she wanted it for her kids. She tried to manhandle Mari for it and when that didn’t work she had Cody claim it for his own. Oh poor shocked Robin had no idea. I’d bet you a million to one she came up with that solution to have the pond for herself and kids. My fervent wish is that all of the wives leave Cody for Robin and he keeps getting younger and younger wives to have his children so she can feel a tiny bit of what the original wives felt. What a narcissist person Robin is. I’m for the original family sans Robin. I liked her at first then her plans became perfectly clear to me! Please research the family’s life before and after Robin! I think you’ll see the pattern.

        1. Robyn is the reason this whole “family” is where it is. I didn’t trust her from the jump. And Kody makes it very obvious that she IS his favorite. That kanieving b* tch and the deal with becoming Kodys “ legal” wife…if I were Meri, I’d be darned if I EVER spoke to her again. Kody with his rules and Covid laws is INSANE.

  2. Kody Brown is a PRICK and he has treated all the wives (especially meri) like second class since he married Robin who now acts like she is the queen and the other wives are her hand maidens!!!

    1. Oh yes! He is a master prick! He could not afford $40,000 for Meri’s B&B, but can afford anything for Robyn. Give me a break. I am glad it is on the chopping block, maybe Kody will get a job.

    2. Kody Brown is clearly suffering from untreated ADHD! It’s painful to watch the wives attempt to communicate with him in a calming manner. He bounces around like a ping pong ball, and is extremely distracted and impulsive. If he wants to be the leader of the family and be respected by them, he needs to seek out professional help! His ADHD is like the elephant in the room.

      1. I agree that he does need to seek a diagnosis. I wish he treated everyone with dignity too. It is like emotional abuse to me.

    3. I truly hope she learns a few things when he gets younger wives to have his children. He’ll throw them all over if they can’t have children and robins time is coming!

  3. They should have what is needed not wanted unless it’s being paid for by that wife and not taking from the family.

  4. I find the women a complete mess. All 4 of them came from families involved in their crazy lifestyle. So they are repeating what they know. I find it ludicrous that they don’t understand why their children are not going to live the lifestyle of one so called husband with multiple wives. Obviously their kids are smarter than them. And the fact that they would put their kids on TV is sick. I remember Meri saying that “this lifestyle just makes us all better”. She is obviously a wreck. Janelle says “we have something awesome here”. Christine says she “wanted the family, not just the man”. As for Robyn, I have a feeling she thinks that one day Kody will be hers alone. Good luck with that! 4 stupid women and 1 jerk.

  5. Well Robin has all 5 kids (and young ones) at home whereas Janelle only has 2. And they are both graduating soon. The house they had all together, Janelle had the biggest part. I think it’s easy to pick this apart without knowing the details. They also had to sell their prior homes first and that was four separate houses, not all sold right away. And there was the issue of school districts. Janelle is typically the one who handles the family finances so this was a family decision, she is not a wall flower so if this was not okay with her, it would not have happened.

    1. Also, Meri and Robyn have always been close, so it isn’t unreasonable to think that they might be sharing the larger house, since Meri’s only child is living in Chicago while she attends grad school and Meri’s B&B in Utah likely keeps her away from Flagstaff pretty regularly.

      Janelle has always seemed like the most sensible wife. I’m not surprised she’s renting a smaller house. Most of her kids have moved out and the ones who are left are in their late teens. She has also admitted that her marriage has been platonic for many years and that she and Kody focus mainly on co-parenting and are not romantic. Christine has always been the most openly needy wife, but she’s also the one who seems to have the most fun with Kody. They joke around a lot and he seems to really enjoy spending time with her. There was a short period right after the series started, when Christine given birth to Truley and Robyn was Kody’s fun new romantic interest. That was the only time where Christine was obviously taking a backseat (and clearly wasn’t happy about it). Now, Robyn and Christine seem to be sharing the primary “wifely” duties while Meri is off having her mid-life crisis and trying to explain away the catfishing situation. And Janelle is just, like, “Whatever, you crazy b*%&#es. I’m just gonna focus on my fitness biz and worry about my kids…”

      I don’t read too much into what their current living situation looks like, since it’s temporary. I’ll be much more interesting in what the end up building on those parcels. Will Meri insist she needs another six bedroom house (for herself and her craft supplies)? Will they build four houses that are each more suited to their current lives? Or will they build a single big house for everyone, which is what Kody seems to be planning for in the most recent episode of the show?

  6. In the episode this past week, Janelle said that she did not want a house as large this time because she doesn’t have many kids left and none of them are small kids. Obviously Meri does not need a house as large as she had before. Christine’s house has the most land, so possibly some if not all of the other houses will be built on that land or close by.

  7. It’s obvious Robyn is the favorite and has unseated Meri as First Wife. She seems to side with Kody more than the others. I wonder if they discuss things privately before decisions are made with the other wives. It looks like the other wives are just there to maintain the finances and support Kody’s way of life. Sometimes he appears very selfish. If a man and wife were no longer sexually active in a monogamous union they would probably separate; so why stay married to the wives you longer sleep with? Meri looks unhappy and needs a man to be there for just for her. She has an independent spirit and would flourish on her own. She should move on.

    1. I totally agree. Meri needs support from a man and needs to feel loved and deserves to be loved. She gave up so much for Robyn just so her kids could have insurance as well as other needs met. She does not appreciate that Meri gave up her place as first wife just for her. To me it seems like the family just deals with Meri and wouldn’t care if she left! Cody is selfish! I can’t stand him. I hope that Meri opens her eyes and moves on with her life as well as finds someone who will put her first and show her that she is important and she matters.

    1. I have watched the show from day 1 and I get so sick and tired of seeing how Cody treats Meri. She is practically begging for a little attention from him. He definitely treats Robin better than any of the other wives and she acts like she has been there the longest. And I can only imagine how Gabe felt when he found out that Robins son was going to college in Flagstaff. You can bet your life that is why they chose Flagstaff and that is just wrong in so many ways.

      1. totally agree cody is so cold towards meri is this because she only gave him one child and he definately favours robyn and boy does she know it

  8. When Christine went to Flagstaff with Kody she was talking to the real estate woman and said she needed a minimum 4 bedroom, why would she buy a smaller house then? Also Robyn’s house is the only one that had sold not Christine’s. Is anyone else confused by this?

    1. The house listings are overpriced. They’re almost a 40% price increase over what they paid for them. The market in Vegas is not that great.

      Robyn doesn’t need a house that size. She just wants it so she can prove that she’s the queen when in reality she’s a bitch. I pay more attention to their facial expressions and body language than their words. For example when Meri told them she got the family house Robyn just sat there with no expression. Then she claimed she was emotionally invested….which is it?

      I think both Janelle and Meri need to move on without him. He’s not vested in their married lives and has put other children ahead of his children with the two of them.

      1. I feel that Cody is replacing them one by one next season maybe Mary and Jenelle won’t even be there any longer . Is that what being a polygamist means use them have children with them dump them

  9. The 4 new properties are next door to each other.
    Go to Bing maps. Search for 9200 Coyote Pass, Flagstaff.
    Their properties are located on the south side of the road, just west of N Rudd Tank Road.

  10. Janelle has 2 still at home.
    Gabriel, age 17 and Savanah, age 14

    Christine has 3 still at home.
    Gwendlyn, age 17, Ysabel, age 16 and Truely, age 8

    Robyn has 4 still at home.
    Aurora, age 16, Breanna, age 14, Solomon, age 7 and Ariella, age 3

  11. I have watched this show from the beginning. I love the women. I don’t think Meri was treated right after she accommodated Cody and Robyn with giving Cody a divorce. Ever since that happened and her daughter left for school, she was pushed to the side by Cody and was lonesome. She is getting it together now and making headway with her job and her B&B. I hope TLC continues to carry Sister Wives. It is the original and it is the best.

  12. OK folks, would like to share some info. about the Brown’s so-called “mansions” not! I too have watched the show from the beginning when I lived in another state, and also moved to Las Vegas the same year the Browns did, so out of curiosity, I attended their open houses yesterday as did a lot of people. The exterior fronts of the Brown’s houses, with the quality landscaping have a nice curb appeal, as seen on the show, so my expectations were high, but unfortunately the interiors told another story. KUDOS to whatever company did their front yard landscaping. The interiors, for the most part, have very low quality finishes. Clearly, it looked like the Brown’s cut every single corner possible to get into these houses on the cheap. For starters, the carpeting is extremely worn, ripped, flattened, dirty, and of VERY low quality. Surprisingly we were asked to wear booties! Watch the show and everyone constantly trampled on the carpeting with their shoes, so go figure, cause it clearly wasn’t cleaned prior to the open houses. Same low quality was selected for the trim, doors, hand rails etc. The interiors in all 3 houses, were painted the same color, and doors and trim were a drab beige/green. Except for Janelle’s orange wall, the colors of the interiors emulated a very drab and almost institutional vibe. There were no custom paint or decorator touches to be had for any rooms, in any of the houses, and since the painted walls in Christine’s were so beat you could tell it was all original color since no holes were filled and nothing was touched up. Saw some sticky glow in the dark stars on a bedroom ceiling, and figured that could have been Truely’s room, but that was it. The blinds and window coverings that were left were consistently cheap in quality. None of the bedrooms were a decent size for a 4200 sq. ft. house and appeared very small, except for the master bedrooms. You could tell from the way Christine’s house was left that she left in a hurry, because it clearly showed. Her house was the worst, and there were beat up walls, marks on doors, scuff marks and abuse on cabinets, and at least 2 doors had holes punched into them. I looked into the ovens and they also were dirty. All the back yards, of the 3 homes recently had some landscaping done, but none of them had been completed. There were stacked stones and bare dusty dirt areas, again appearing like there was a haphazard exodus.The dividing walls were put in place between the houses, as was discussed on the show in a previous episode, with their first realtor Mona, which she explained would be a necessity and expectation of future owners. If Christine had decided to rent a home in Flagstaff, I would be saying RUN to prospective landlords! From what I understand she purchased a home for 520K, so she and her family can beat up as much as they want. Sorry Christine, I lived in a 23 year old house that I built and raised four kids in, and always had pets. My house was immaculate and any kid or pet damage was addressed during the years and fixed back to original condition. At the very least these houses all need, new carpeting, paint and quality window coverings to bring up to comparable standards as to what people expect in a so-called high-end homes in Vegas. No excuses and shame on Christine and Kody for the condition of this disaster home!

    1. If you can afford all that land, a new house and rentals, you can afford to at least hire professional cleaners to come in and make your house presentable, if not perfect. The rush on all of the is very strange. I’m thinking that Kody’s rather lazy in the help out at home department. No wonder the homes are slow to sell.

    2. I think Christine babysat for the wives that worked. Cody should have helped maintain the home maintenance but obviously didn’t. I guess they think people will buy them as is just because they are on tv, NOT! I wonder if the holes in the doors. I would suspect her oldest son not Cody, but to leave the home that way is crazy. Don’t they use their brains.

      1. My comments were relative to the condition of their houses. I actually thought with all that land I might consider, since I own dogs and need a run for them since I own a pool lot, which a lot of houses in Vegas are. The houses were extremely disappointing, boxy, and nothing special as I referenced Christine’s needs a lot of TLC. I watched the show from the beginning and still record it, but actually fast forward through most of it because it is staged, and there are repeated scenes constantly which I find boring. I really don’t expect the show to be on much longer since I believe they are all doing it just for the paycheck and it really isn’t reality tv anymore. Disappointed in the direction it has taken and believe it has outlived it’s interest. The more interesting information on the Brown family, and up to date information can be found on the internet.

      1. They have dropped the prices on all 3 remaining houses since I went through them and apparently there is a pending offer on Janelle’s with the lower asking price. I believe Christine’s is temporarily off the market which I hope is for some TLC since her’s was showing the most wear and tear out of the 3. I do believe that 574K is more in the ballpark for what they are presently worth. So yes, originally overpriced, but now they are closer to reality.

  13. just a question I’ve read all the coments nothing possitive so why do you watch the show you all know name number of kids all the info … and i did ask nicely

  14. I believe that Kody faviourites Robyn over the other wifes and then Christine second, Jenelle third and Meri last. Why should Robyn have a bigger home than the rest of the wifes. It’s obvious on watching Sister Wifes who Kody favour’s more. Why should the wifes without children have lesser of a home than the ones with children? Yes, I agree Meri gave up her wife title for Robyn so that Kody (Moreso Kody) could adopt Robyn’s children and I feel that this hit Mari hard and none of the sister wifes or Kody have thought how this really affected Mari.

    1. I feel Meri always gets the shaft, they treat her like crap, all of them. It’s clear Kody plans on giving her the shaft on the house should he get his way but Meri stays and puts up with it. Robyn you should bask while you can, your day is coming. He will find wife number five and you will be put in your place in the pecking order and then you will perhaps understand how Meri feels.

  15. I feel Meri always gets the shaft, they treat her like crap, all of them. It’s clear Kody plans on giving her the shaft on the house should he get his way but Meri stays and puts up with it. Robyn you should bask while you can, your day is coming. He will find wife number five and you will be put in your place in the pecking order and then you will perhaps understand how Meri feels.

  16. I think that wow they really spend but the public is paying for what they have even when a person thinks it a sin it’s drama so people are tuned in. But all things end Kate plus 8 ?
    Pull the plug and let other American’s be part of the Monies with new ideas for entertainment

  17. I wish I could explain my fascination with this show but cannot. Am I the only viewer who saw and heard Meri telling Kody she needed space and to leave her alone? Clearly, there are issues with both of them. Also Meri has struggled with her relationships with her daughter and Janelle, so…I am always curious as to what actual work any of them does to afford their lifestyle. NO ONE needs such large extravagant houses. The kids clearly have made different choices and have to be respected for that. Reality shows seem to be the kiss of death if you remember couples from the past, as John and Kate, the Roloffs and Cristina and Tarak. One has to have some unusual need if willing to share one’s personal life on tv.

  18. Maybe the condition of their houses are part of the reason they are moving on. Maybe they need newer houses to destroy. To be fair to Christine, since she is a stay-at-home mom and takes care of the majority of the kids, it makes sense that her house would get worn more than the others. I think she is an awesome Mom and more interested in the needs of the kids than doing DIY projects on her house. I also want to know why Kody doesn’t do some of the repairs or some of the older kids. It’s not that hard to patch the walls and paint. Who knows…none of us really know what’s going on it the Brown family except the Browns. I wish them all well.

  19. Reading the comments are interesting. I too, have followed the show from the beginning, more for the social
    issues. Form follows Function. One would think for maintenance etc, the smaller family would opt for a
    smaller home. I was always interested in their Utah home and how they co-existed. Has that home ever
    sold? Meri with her B & B will probably commute etc thus would need a lesser place in AZ.
    It will be interesting to follow Kody’s new mansion. I believe he wants to keep the family together to continue his standard of living. Believe their moving experience wold have been more relaxed utilizing Pods.
    Have wondered how the finances are handled. Know Janelle was the family’s CFO. Their standard of living is far beyond mine.


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