‘Sister Wives’ Fans Rejoice – TLC’s Bringing The Brown Family Back Next Month

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn - Kody - Christine - Janelle

Sister Wives fans finally heard that TLC’s bringing back the Brown family in January, so they can rejoice. TLC made an announcement on Facebook, December 19. In their post, they showed a sneak peek at the upcoming season. The video runs for a couple of minutes and opens with Meri Brown.

‘Sister Wives’ fans grew worried that Meri Brown left the show

Meri Brown rumors flashed around the Internet this year, suggesting that she left the show. Meri assured followers in the comments of an Instagram post a few weeks back, that it wasn’t true. She said the whole thing just came out of rumors. Well, it seems she told the truth as TLC featured her first in the Sister Wives clip.

In the video clip, we hear Meri saying that she invited Kody and her sister wives “to come over so I can fill them in on the bed and breakfast.” The scene cut to Meri saying she got the “loan approved.” Well, Janelle Brown erupts with a huge smile while Kody Brown sounds utterly blown away. When he asked about the downpayment money too, Meri admitted “no.” She said that’s “what she needed to talk” to them “about.”

Recall that the Inn’s now been on the go for a year, and this took place some time ago in real life. Meri, for a moment, flashbacks us to the days before she upped her game and worked on her self-confidence.  Anyway, the show’s not all about Meri, and why spoil it too much now?


Eleven new episodes of the Brown family arrives on January 20 at 8/7c

With eleven seasons to look forward to, obviously much more content comes in the lives of others. For example, there’s the excitement over the wedding of Aspyn and Mitch. Plus, the bombshell comes from Kody that he plans to move the family out of Nevada. However, the catfish incident where Meri got herself tricked returns. In fact, expect Meri to invite another victim, her friend Kristie, to meet the family, hoping for more understanding.

Fans of Sister Wives learned in the video sneak peek that Maddie, Caleb, and baby Axel wish to move to their own place. Janelle goes through a hard time with that. It’s always hard to let go the grown kids. Meanwhile, Christine faces some potentially bad news about her daughter, Ysabel.

If, you’re a fan of Sister Wives, no doubt the release date has you rejoicing. The show’s future underwent so many rumors and speculation, some fans wondered if the Brown family would actually return. Are you excited for January 20? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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