‘Sister Wives’ News: Aspyn Brown Finishes Internship, Talks Future

Aspyn Brown Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Aspyn Brown Thompson has just finished up a great internship and she is now speaking out about her future. The fans are happy to hear updates on her. She recently went to Instagram to explain the details of what is going on for her because she knows fans want to know.

Aspyn talks recent internship

Apsyn just spent some time doing an internship that she loved. She worked with Communities In Schools of Nevada. This is the perfect place for Aspyn seeing that it goes well with what she plans to do in the future for work. She actually followed around someone and shadowed them doing their job. This person worked with students to help them get the services that they need.


She already has another internship set up as well. This one will be at the Alzheimer’s Association and will start in January. Aspyn Brown Thompson is really excited for this one to happen as well. It looks like she is really preparing for her future and thinking ahead. It is great for her to have her to be working so hard towards her future. Aspyn is making it clear that doesn’t plan to be a stay at home mom and will have a career of her own.

Aspyn’s married life

Aspyn Brown Thompson got married recently on Sister Wives. The fans can’t wait to see if she is the next Brown to have children of her own. Hopefully, the new season shows more of her husband Mitch and the fans can get to know him better. The Brown family is slowly getting married and venturing out to live their own lives.

A new season of Sister Wives has been filmed, but they haven’t shared yet when it will air yet. More than likely, it will be in early 2019. Don’t miss the new season of Sister Wives when it returns to TLC.

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