Fans Call Out Mama June For Bogus ‘Kaitlyn’ Letter To Judge

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Fans are calling out Mama June Shannon over a bogus “Kaitlyn” letter to the judge amid a custody battle with Michael Cardwell. He is the first husband of Kaitlyn’s mother, the late Anna Cardwell. So, what is the problem with this letter and what do fans deem is false about it? Keep reading for more details.

Fans Call Out Mama June For Bogus ‘Kaitlyn’ Letter To Judge

When Anna Cardwell passed, it appeared she had not fully signed or filed the custody papers for her eldest daughter, Kaitlyn. Mama June and Pumpkin had been long encouraging Anna to get her affairs in order just in case she did succumb to stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. This was not something she wanted to think about and with good reason. They already knew Anna’s youngest, Kylee would go to her biological father, Michael Cardwell. He was Anna’s first husband but what about Kaitlyn whose father’s identity was seemingly never known, per June?

Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

Anna wanted her current husband, who she had been with since 2017, Eldridge Toney, to be on the custody papers. This shocked June who wanted custody and when Anna passed, she and her husband, Justin Stroud, assumed the parental roles. Soon after, Michael Cardwell filed for custody of Kaitlyn but the court dates kept getting delayed. They will meet on July 18th but according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Kaitlyn is having her say. She filed an Election, as she is under the age of 14.

In it, she stated that she wanted to stay with Mama June and not be forced to spend time with Michael:

“My name is Kaitlyn Shannon…I am electing and hereby expressing my desire and intent to reside primarily with my maternal grandmother, June Shannon. I do not wish to have set visitation with Michael Cardwell. I am making this affidavit and this election freely and voluntarily and under no duress or compulsion from any person. I have not been promised any benefits or rewards for making this affidavit. I hereby state that this affidavit expresses my current desire and intent in this matter regarding where I desire to primarily reside,” she states. “I also wish to speak to the Judge to inform the Court of my wishes.”

After seeing this, fans headed to Reddit to share their thoughts:

  • there is no way kaitlyn wrote that herself, I’d bet june’s lawyer did it.
  • Yeah, no friggin way a 11 year old talks like this
  • June undoubtedly manipulated her into writing that affidavit.
  • The poor girl sadly has likely been brainwashed by June all these months and promised a pony for writing that
  • a good judge will see right through that letter.
  • Kaitlyn did not write that.

It’s Not Kaitlyn

Viewers have been watching Kaitlyn on both Family Crisis and TikTok. Aside from the fact that she is a tween, they have heard her speak. The general consensus is that there is no way that she could write so eloquently and educated. More so, there is no way Mama June could write it out for her to sign. Some believe it was drafted by a lawyer or copied from the Internet. Many are questioning why a third party has not been assigned to oversee Kaitlyn and find out what she really wants away from June. Michael Cardwell has maintained that he had been in Kaitlyn’s life for years. Now, he has to prove that he has been a good former stepfather and beyond.

Do you believe Kaitlyn wrote this or is this another scheme by Mama June? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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