Mama June Questions Anna Cardwell’s Custody Decisions

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As Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell’s final days are playing out on Mama June: Family Crisis, viewers are seeing some of the conflict that the family was having over Anna’s last decisions. Namely, how Mama June Shannon questioned her daughter’s decision on who would get custody of her child after her death. In a new clip, June confronts Anna about what she thinks will be best. Continue reading to see what unfolds.

Anna Cardwell Wanted Her Daughter To Live With Eldridge

Chickadee’s death has had a profound impact on the reality TV family. Prior to her death, Mama June was sternly urging Anna to decide who would gain custody of her daughter, Kaitlyn, before it was too late. June pointed out that Anna needed to have paperwork drawn up to make the arrangements legal.

“We don’t have any say so over Kylee, we know that. I feel like the moment you take your last breath her dad, Michael, is going to be in the front yard, pulling her out of this house,” June told Anna. “Would that suck for everybody involved? It most certainly will, but then we also have the situation with Kaitlyn.”

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In a solo interview, Anna Cardwell acknowledges the seriousness of what will happen after she dies. Sighing, she said, “I know what she’s talking about. She wants me to try to get a will together, try to figure it with the girls, what I want to do with Kaitlyn.” At the same time, Anna said that she was “still here” and felt like she had plenty of time to get these things figured out.

Later in the video, Mama June questions why Anna is waiting to declare who will gain custody upon her death, asking her if it stems from something deeper. She asks if her daughter is “scared” to give up custody of her child or if she’s having “second thoughts” about who Kaitlyn will go to.

At that point, Anna Cardwell interrupts her mom to tell her exactly what she’s thinking. “I want Kaitlyn to go to Eldridge [her husband],” she simply states. Mama June was clearly in shock at her answer, telling the cameras that she is surprised that Anna would want Eldridge on the paperwork.

Kaitlyn Now Resides With Mama June

June says, “Kaitlyn will be better off with me, because there is stability. But Eldridge has been in Kaitlyn’s life since she was around five years old. Honestly, she needs to put this s*** on paper.”

Mama June doubts that Eldridge would be a good fit for Kaitlyn to live with. However, Anna believes that he “can do it,” saying that she just has to “push him.”

Eldridge Toney and Anna Cardwell, sourced from Instagram
Eldridge Toney and Anna Cardwell, sourced from Instagram

“I want him to want it so much that he can’t stand it,” Anna tells her mom in the clip. To which June quietly asks, “What happens if he doesn’t?”

Anna Cardwell died in December 2023 from stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. She was 29 years old. At the time of her death, Kaitlyn was transferred to June’s care.

New episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis air on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WEtv.

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