‘Mama June’ Anna Cardwell’s Ex Asks For Custody Trial Donations

Kylee Cardwell, Anna Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

Michael Cardwell, who is the ex-husband of the late Anna Cardwell, is asking for donations to fight Mama June. He wants custody of Anna’s eldest daughter, Kaitlyn Shannon, who is currently living with June and her husband, Justin Stroud. So, how is he going about asking for the money? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Anna Cardwell’s Ex Asks For Custody Trial Donations

Anna Cardwell struggled with her time being cut short on this Earth. She learned that she had stage 4 adrenal carcinoma in early 2023. Though she did all that she could, it was progressively getting worse. Her family, mainly Mama June and Pumpkin, encouraged her to start planning. She needed to have an idea of where her daughter, Kaitlyn would go if and when she passed. Her youngest daughter, Kylee would go to Anna’s ex-husband, Michael Cardwell as that was their only biological child together.

Michael Cardwell, Kylee, Kaitlyn-Facebook
Michael Cardwell, Kylee, Kaitlyn-Facebook

As for Kaitlyn, her dad was never in her life though Michael claimed he had helped with schooling fees and was her main father figure. When it came down to it, Mama June wanted custody of Kaitlyn but Anna wanted to list her current husband, Eldridge Toney on the custody papers. This did not sit well with June. Sadly, Anna passed at the end of last week’s episode. Now, she is in the middle of a custody battle with Michael Cardwell as he wants the girls to be raised together. More so, he is trying to raise funds to make this a real possibility.

Elle Bee-YouTube/Reddit
Elle Bee-YouTube/Reddit

According to a Reddit thread, Elle Bee posted what is going on with the custody situation. It seems that if anyone wants to help, as some have apparently been asking how they can do so, he gave information. Not only did he give out Kylee’s financial information but also his personal Cash App. One person wrote this:

  • I sure hope the judge keeps these sisters together.. Mama June milking that screentime with Kaitlyn.. so sad and way too soon after Anna’s death.

The next court date is set for this month at some point.

Keep Them Together

Many fans believe the sisters should be kept together. They have seen Mama June, Justin Stroud, and Josh Efird be abusive on TikTok Live toward Kaitlyn. Therefore, they want her out of that environment. Another Reddit thread was started to discuss the custody case and many were shocked it was still ongoing:

  • This is ridiculous. That poor little girl. Wasn’t June and Justin talking about moving out of state when school is out for the summer?
  • Honestly it’s really p*ssing me off that June is doing this! She’s so damn ignorant. She only wants custody for the paycheck.

Time will tell what happens and if there will be another postponement. More so, it will be interesting to see who speaks up on Michael and June’s behalf. Or, if they will bring in what Anna Cardwell said on television about wanting Eldridge Toney to have custody but June pushing paperwork on her.

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    1. No he should not have custody.That not what the mom ask for. She want her husband to get custody or mama June. How is Michael going to take care of to kids. When he ask for a donation. the child need to stay with her biological family.

    1. so true she’s 11 now she knows and understands what’s happened so it should be her right to choose who she’s happier to live with x

  1. 🙏 the girls are kept together…Mama June messed up enough lives & used everyone’s $ & all for her & her drug boyfriend…she doesn’t deserve nothin& has learned nothin plus she doesn’t deserve that sweet husband she has now…she is a selfish all about herself…those girls did well on their own & credit goes to Alanas sister & husband for the great job they’ve done w/ all their kids & responsibilitys…I believe she should go to jail for stealing Alanas latest $$ please, take her off the show, she makes me sic…🤮

  2. well mamma june is the one who started the show..And they are making money from her crazy life..The should stay together…& gma June could have regular visiting rights…And June & her husband…Dont seem to know how to parent any kids…They both have turned to drugs in the past…So lets keep those 2 girls together…❤❤

  3. I agree with that. Mama June really didn’t raised any of her kids. her mom raised Anna Jessica seems to moved out. Pumpkin and Josh raised Alana

  4. No he should not have custody.That not what the mom ask for. She want her husband to get custody or mama June. How is Michael going to take care of to kids. When he ask for a donation. the child need to stay with her biological family.

  5. Before y’all go shaming don’t hold Junes past against her people can change and I saw that on the episode when she found out and Anna had cancer she stepped up, took care of her daughter till the end. I noticed the other family wouldn’t take the little girl in, but have y’all ever seen the episodes of Michael and Anna when he took her to Alabama they were living in a basement neither one had a job scraping to get by they didn’t even have Internet service. June was upset because he had moved her so far away but there’s a reason why Anna wasn’t with him anymore, but in this episode, she wanted Eldridge to raise Kaylin the with paperwork wasn’t took care of, but I believe June and Justin are more capable taken care of her sounds to me like Michael is wanting paychecks to where he doesn’t have to work I’m sure he gets some kind of assistance on his little girl because of her mom passing . June has the phones to take care of the little girl. It should be up to her where she wants to live. I believe she’s almost 14. wherever they go that little girl goes and I’m not trying to take up for anyone and ive never lost a child but I can only imagine I lost my mother I watched her suffer until the end. to me, Kaylin looks happy and stable be. June has the finances to take care of her and get what she needs or I’m confused is why didn’t pumpkin or any of the other family member step up and take the little girl iif June was such a bad person at least she stepped up and wanted to take her June has her own money. She doesn’t need assistance it’s all about Kaylin and what’s best for her if she’s happy that’s all that matters at the end of the day those little girls will always be sisters and if Michael and June can come together and make sure they always have a relationship that would be the best thing for both of them .🥰

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