Mama June Shannon And Michael Cardwell To Go To Court

June Shannon and Michael Cardwell

Mama June Shannon and Michael Cardwell will be going to court next week. This is over the custody of Kaitlyn Cardwell, Anna Cardwell’s daughter. It seems that things are getting messy. Neither of them is willing to give up when it comes to having Kaitlyn full-time. Now they are taking it to the courts to let them decide who is most fit. Keep reading to find out more.

Anna Cardwell Passes Away

Anna Cardwell, also known as Chickadee, passed away from cancer. She battled the sickness for around a year. However, she ended up losing the battle. She was married to Michael Cardwell. However, they ended up splitting. Kaitlyn was not Michael’s biological daughter. He also has another daughter who is not Anna’s, Kylee. When they got divorced, Michael still took Kaitlyn when he had Kylee. Michael was always known as Kaitlyn’s father. However, after her passing, Mama June got full custody of her. Now they are going to be arguing that in court on July 18.

Mama June Shannon - Justin Stroud - Mama June Family Crisis - WETV
Mama June Shannon – Justin Stroud – Mama June Family Crisis – WETV

Mama June Shannon And Michael Cardwell Go To Court

Neither Mama June nor Michael Cardwell is giving up on the custody of Kaitlyn. Michael’s fiancé, London Smith, wrote something on social media about Kaitlyn.

“We just miss you so much sweet girl! There is no one in the world that will ever be able to explain the hurt and the pain we feel since you’ve been gone. We have prayed hard and we are fighting and will continue to pray and fight. You are a piece of our souls our hearts. You’re loved by a village that’s big enough to take over the world and we all miss and love you so much! NEVER forget. We text her tablet and we may or may not get a response, I think they monitor her tablet with like parental control.”

They seem to be torn up about her absence.

Mama June and Anna Cardwell

It seems that the two of them are going to battle this out with the law. Mama June wants Kaitlyn as she is her grandmother. With June, she is also getting to see all of her family. However, Kaitlyn also has a sister. Michael is not her biological father, but he has always treated her like his daughter. Anna even said she thinks of Michael as Kaitlyn’s father regardless of blood or not. What do you think about the custody battle? Who do you think Kaitlyn should be with? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. She should be with who she wants to be with, she’s old enough to choose, visitation rights go to the non custodial adoptive parent.

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