Mama June Makes Fans’ ‘Blood Boil’ With Claims She ‘Raised’ Kaitlyn

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Mama June Shannon has once again made fans’ “blood boil” with claims that she “raised” her granddaughter, Kaitlyn. She is in the hot seat as she now has custody of Anna Cardwell’s eldest daughter. Yet, it may not last and viewers are seeing the lies she is telling to hold onto the little girl. Keep reading to see what fans are saying about June.

Mama June Makes Fans’ ‘Blood Boil’ With Claims She ‘Raised’ Kaitlyn

When Anna Cardwell was facing her stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, she did not want to deal with the possibility of death. Yet, her mother, Mama June, and sister, Pumpkin, knew she needed to do some afterlife planning. She needed to decide where her eldest daughter, Kaitlyn would go in the event that she passed. Anna had two daughters, Kaitlyn, whose father had never been in her life, and Kylee from her marriage to Michael Cardwell. Clearly, Kylee would go to Michael but Kaityln’s fate was up in the air. As Anna’s health started to decline rapidly, June brought custody papers.

Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

She wanted Kaitlyn but Anna felt that her new husband, whom she had been seeing since 2017, should be on the custody paperwork. That did not sit well with June but it seems Anna passed before anything could be signed or finalized. June headed to a lawyer as she believed that Michael Cardwell was going to come for custody of Kaitlyn. A Reddit thread was soon started over June’s lies with the OP writing this:

  • I ’m watching the new episode from last night and June is straight up lying saying that she raised Kaitlyn for the first four or five years of her life?!

Anna met Michael shortly after she had Kaitlyn and only stuck around to film Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It also bothered followers that Mama June claimed they tested several men to see who Kaitlyn’s father was. So, what was the reaction from followers?

  • She flat out lied and has no business with that child.
  • That boiled my blood too.
  • June has shown herself to be a liar and a con.
  • She said that before that she raised Kaitlyn which is a lie. 

What June Put Anna Through…

Fans were frustrated over what Mama June had put Anna Cardwell through in her life. Therefore, they could not believe she would be able to raise Kaitlyn in the manner she deserved:

  • The lawyer asked about any other issues that could be used against her and remained silent on the fact that June has allowe multiple SO’s in her own home, dated them, allowed them to SA her daughter (who died and whose childs welfare is in question!) and support the men afterwards.

So, June’s track record speaks for herself, in the fans’ opinions. At the same time, viewers want to know if Michael Cardwell is as good as so many people say he is. No one has seen or heard from him so this a very hard situation to be in. If Mama June could just be honest and prove to be worthy of raising Kaitlyn, maybe things would be different. However, the lies are what many take issue with.

Do you think that June needs to start being honest if she wants any credibility? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. June has proven time and again that she is not and cannot be an honest, positive role model for anyone. I do not know anything about Michael so cannot speak to him. I would give Jason custody before I would EVER consider June for anything!!!! She has repeatedly shown she does not stick around for her own children in their time of need so why would she ever do that for a grandchild? The fact she stole all of Alana’s money and does not feel any remorse or need to help her in any way shows you just who she is!!! She is already complaining about having to spend money on Kaitlyn and that is not going to change for many years!!! She is only trying to WIN to prove something to her followers and this little girl deserves so much more than that but she is too simple minded to seven recognize that!

  2. I don’t think June should have custody of Kaitlyn. If life really happened the way the show exhibits I would really question the custody. why does she feel it is okay to split the girls apart?

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