‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Making Surprise Return

Pat Sajak | YouTube

Many Wheel of Fortune fans are unhappy that Ryan Seacrest is taking over as host after Pat Sajak’s retirement. However, fans who miss Sajak already are getting some good news. Pat is actually coming back to the game show, and it should provide a nice moment for fans to see him once again.

Here is what Pat Sajak plans to do on Wheel of Fortune in his surprising return.

Pat Sajak Returns To Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak announced his retirement from Wheel of Fortune last year. This gave him a chance to work his last season on the show, and fans wouldn’t be surprised when his final episode came around. After the season, Pat gave an emotional farewell and exited.

Pat Sajak-YouTube
Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

Wheel of Fortune is filming its next season with Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White as the co-hosts. Even though no one has seen an episode yet, fans already miss Pat and decrying the new host. However, there is some good news: Pat is coming back to Wheel of Fortune.

This will be a special edition of the show, though, and it is not part of the regular season. Instead, Sajak will return for his “final spin” as the host of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. While Pat has not left the main show and remains on board as an advisor, he will host the celebrity show one last time next season.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune premieres on Monday, October 7, at 8/7c and will lead into a new Press Your Luck season. These episodes have not been taped yet, as the next regular season’s filming is ongoing.

Pat Sajak Moving On From Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak was emotional when he was saying goodbye on his final episode on June 7. “It’s been an incredible privilege to be invited into millions of homes night after night, year after year, decade after decade,” Pat said. “Thank you for allowing me into your lives.”

Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube
Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

With that over with, it seemed like he was leaving the game show behind him. He did remain on board as an advisor, but there is no word on what that entails. However, the news that he is returning for one more Celebrity Wheel of Fortune season has to be good news for fans.

Other than that, Pat Sajak is also getting involved in more theater acting. Pat will appear in Prescription: Murder with his long-time friend Joe Moore at the Hawai’i Theater in Honolulu in the summer of 2025. This isn’t his first time on stage there, as he also appeared in The Odd Couple, The Honeymooners, The Boys in Autumn, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, and Dial M for Murder.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak returning for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune later this year? Are you happy to get to see him one more time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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