Susan Lucci Talks Heart Health & Saying No To ‘Golden Bachelorette’

Susan Lucci/Credit: YouTube

Soap icon Susan Lucci shared an update on her heart health and gave more insight on why she said no to Golden Bachelorette. Keep reading for the latest.

All My Children Star Gives Health Update

Susan Lucci is a National Ambassador for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement. She knows firsthand how quickly heart issues can arise and how serious they are. The soap vet had open-heart surgery in 2018 after rushing to the hospital amid symptoms of shortness of breath and back pain. The doctors found a huge blockage in her heart and put in a stent.

Susan Lucci/Credit: YouTube
Susan Lucci/Credit: YouTube

She had another heart surgery in 2022 after more blockage was found. Lucci told Entertainment Tonight that the first incident very nearly killed her.

“Had I not gone there, I was told the next day when I was checked out that I 99.9 percent would’ve had the widow-maker.”

All My Children was canceled over a decade ago, but Susan Lucci is never far from soap fans’ minds. She spoke to ET recently to promote an upcoming Apple+ project with Jonah Hill. Outcome also stars Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz.

She told the outlet that she feels healthier than ever. But she encouraged other women to prioritize their own health because too often, women ignore heart attack symptoms.

Why She Said No To Golden Bachelorette

Susan Lucci faced another unexpected issue with her heart in 2022. Her husband of over 50 years passed away just weeks after her heart surgery. She married Helmet Huber in 1969 and they raised two children together.

“He always made me laugh and he was always there for me — he was a rock and very secure,” the actress said of her late husband. When asked if she’s ready to date again, she told ET that she “can’t imagine” dating anyone else so soon after losing her husband.

There were rumors earlier this year that the soap star was in talks to be the first Golden Bachelorette. Lucci herself said that the network contacted her manager. However, she turned it down and the role eventually went to Joan Vassos.

Joan Vassos via Youtube
Joan Vassos via Youtube

The Golden Bachelorette season will premiere this fall and the AMC vet will be watching. When asked why she turned it down, she repeated what she said months ago. That it just wasn’t for her.

“I think I’m just a fan… it wasn’t for me but it’s something that I do love to watch.”

Do you think she would have made a great lead or are you happy with Joan? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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