‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards Loses Custody Of Kids

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Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards has lost custody of his kids just after he filed a motion for more time with them. He believed that his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer Edwards should work out a better arrangement with him. Yet, it did not seem that important to Ryan when it came down to it. What ended up happening? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards Loses Custody Of Kids

Ryan Edwards has been fighting an uphill battle for over a year and, just when it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel, he backslides. It was nerve-wracking when he met Amanda Conner in rehab as she had her own demons. Yet, the Teen Mom star and Amanda connected very well and even his first baby mama, Maci Bookout seems to like her. They have shown them having an amicable relationship but the same cannot be said for Mackenzie Standifer Edwards, who is in the process of divorcing Ryan.

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She alleged that she was harassed by Ryan and Amanda. Furthermore, it appeared Amanda was making co-parenting their two children, Stella and Jagger impossible. In April 2024, Ryan wanted 50/50 custody as well as child support from Mackenzie. He was able to see his kids solely at his mother’s house. Soon, that stopped. He then filed a motion in June 2024. Ryan wanted a judge to essentially force his ex to let him see his kids while paying for his legal fees. That was a waste of time as Ryan never showed up to their court date.

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According to @tm_chatter and RealityteawithRei on TikTok, Mackenzie Standifer Edwards was granted full custody of Stella and Jagger. This is only due to the fact that Ryan Edwards failed to show up for their custody hearing. Then again, they both let their divorce filing lapse so it had to be refiled. This could mean Ryan will come up with a reason for why he missed the hearing and try again.

Are Fans Really Surprised?

After seeing that this happened, were Teen Mom fans really that surprised Ryan Edwards failed to show up? More so, what did they think his excuse was?

  • Good job Ryan. Mimi Jen must not have gotten him up in time for court .
  • Typical Ryan – now will come the statement from parents giving more excuses (enabling)
  • Well good for Mack then!!! I’m all for kids having their dad but seeing as how he didn’t even bother to show up for his kids, this is a win for everyone involved!

At the same time, some were not so compassionate toward Mackenzie. They pointed out how he treated Maci so why did she think she would be any different? Luckily, Maci and her son with Ryan, Bentley, have worked toward a reconciliation but that has taken a lot of time.

What do you think kept Ryan from showing up and do you think he will try to reopen the case? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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