‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Responds To Fans Slamming Her ‘Aging’ Face

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Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee is responding to fans who are slamming her “aging” face. The twenty-nine-year-old just returned to the franchise full-time. Yet, she is already receiving backlash for looking older than her years. So, what is she doing to combat the hate? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Responds To Fans Slamming Her ‘Aging’ Face

This should be the best time in Mackenzie McKee’s life right now. On Teen Mom, her relationship with Khesanio Hall is going swimmingly. Her three children love him and he is setting down roots in her home so they are moving forward with their romance. Plus, he wants a child of his own with her but she had her tubes tied after her third child. Therefore, the duo went to a fertility clinic to explore their options especially since Mackenzie has diabetes so it is a tad riskier for her.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee - Instagram
Mackenzie McKee-Instagram

Recently, the couple became engaged in real life and she just underwent the egg retrieval process so they can do IVF whenever they are ready. Unfortunately, viewers are not so kind to Mackenzie which she shared in her Instagram story.

Mackenzie McKee-Instagram
Mackenzie McKee-Instagram

She started with this first slide which was her at her fertility consultation. That was when they talked about reversing her tubal ligation and the success rates. Plus, how her diabetes would impact that. Then, she added this one:

Mackenzie McKee-Instagram
Mackenzie McKee-Instagram

Teen Mom fans have been calling her out for her “aging” face as she also added in the comments. They were harsh and some could not believe she was only twenty-nine. More so, they said she looked between 40 and 50 and accused her of being on drugs. She cleared that up:

Mackenzie McKee-Instagram
Mackenzie McKee-Instagram

Mackenzie does not do drugs, only her insulin, and says her face tightens out of nerves. She also cannot hide her emotions so that is what viewers see. Above all, she never wants her daughter to ever feel this “low” about herself and will raise her to be mindful and kind. Her mother always felt the world would be better if people were just kind.

Fans React To The Cold Comments

After learning that Mackenzie McKee was so harshly judged for her looks claiming she looked old and was an addict, a Reddit thread was started after she clapped back. So, what did Teen Mom followers have to say about her reaction and what was said about her?

  • she looks like very normal for her age… people have become delusional in the filters and fillers era.
  • She needs to avoid this stuff. People would never say this stuff to someone’s face. Ignore them and concentrate on the really nice life you have
  • She’s looks normal. I don’t think she looks bad or old at all… I think people are living in a false reality with social media.

In the end, the consensus was to stay off of social media and away from the comments. This would only hurt her in the long run. What do you think of the fan response to Mackenzie? Are people being overly cruel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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