‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards & GF Expecting 1st Child Together?

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Are Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend, Amanda Conner, expecting their first child together? He already has a son with Maci Bookout and two children with his estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards. So, is he expanding his family even more? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards & GF Expecting 1st Child Together?

Ryan Edwards became a teen parent on 16 & Pregnant when he and his girlfriend, Maci Bookout welcomed their son, Bentley. They tried to make it work but, unfortunately, things did not pan out for the young couple, as seen on Teen Mom. She moved on and eventually married Taylor McKinney while he met Mackenzie Standifer. The duo went on to have two children, a boy, and a girl, and tied the knot. However, he struggled with substance abuse issues and ended up behind bars in 2023. Mackenzie also filed for divorce while he tried to work out his demons.

Ryan Edwards-YouTube
Ryan Edwards-YouTube

In rehab, he met Amanda Conner, a single mother who also has had her fair share of issues in the past. There were even allegations that she was making co-parenting with Mackenzie extremely difficult. Yet, Ryan and Amanda seem very happy and now, rumors are flying that they are expecting a child together. According to The Sun, Ryan recently posted a photo on his Instagram where Amanda’s back is to the camera. However, Ryan can be seen with his hand on her belly. Of course, this led fans and followers to believe that she was expecting.


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They immediately headed to Ryan Edwards’ comment section to share their thoughts. No caption was added but clearly, the Teen Mom star did not need one. So, what were people saying?

  • Preggos?
  • Is he going to have #4??
  • Pregnant!!
  • Clearly a hidden pregnancy. Congratulations 💕
  • She’s for sure pregnant

One follower shared that, if everyone looked a little closer, it was clear that Ryan’s hand was actually on Amanda’s thigh. So, he was not really touching her belly as fans’ seemed to think.

The Best Ever

Aside from the pregnancy comments, Teen Mom fans were thrilled to see how amazing Ryan Edwards looked. They believed that he appeared happier than he had in some time and were really rooting for him to stay sober this time around. More so, there were sobriety stories shared so followers hoped that would give the father of three the inspiration that he needed. Hopefully, Ryan has found his peace and will continue to stay content.

Do you think that this was a way to show Amanda is pregnant or just a positive post? Let us know in the comments and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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