Jennifer Tilly: Being On ‘RHOBH’ Scarier Than Horror Film

Jennifer Tilly-YouTube

Actress Jennifer Tilly has joined Season 14 of RHOBH as a “friend of” through full-time cast member, Sutton Stracke. Though fans have occasionally seen her since she and Sutton are close friends, this is another level. So, how is Jennifer handling it? It’s scary, to say the least. Keep reading for more details on how she is dealing with BH ladies.

Jennifer Tilly: Being On RHOBH Scarier Than Horror Film

RHOBH viewers have come to know Jennifer Tilly as Sutton Stracke’s confidante and close friend. Yet, she also may be familiar due to her plethora of film roles. The sixty-five-year-old has not only been a prominent figure in movies but also on television. Some of her most notable film roles have been in The Fabulous Baker Boys, Bullets Over Broadway, and Bride of Chucky. Jennifer also is featured on Family Guy and the television show, Chucky as Tiffany Valentine. Then, Sutton became a full-time housewife in Season 11 and soon, Jennifer would make appearances.

Sutton Stracke-YouTube
Sutton Stracke-YouTube

She was extremely supportive of Sutton and all of her endeavors. It was a sweet friendship and very different from what the other ladies offered her. Some were judgmental of Sutton and would criticize her for her drinking or the way she overexaggerated. She never had to deal with that when it came to Jennifer so it only made sense that she would have a new ally, aside from Garcelle Beauvais, for Season 14. So, what has this transition from being around a killer doll to a bunch of rich “housewives” been like for Jennifer?

According to People, these women are scarier than a horror film, per the Academy Award nominee. Jennifer Tilly appeared on the July 2nd It Happened in Hollywood podcast where she shared her experience on RHOBH thus far:

“Oh my God, it’s insane. It’s, like, scarier than Chucky. I’ll tell you that.”

Keep in mind, she is only a “friend” so if it is scary at that level, imagine what comes with being a full-time cast member? Jennifer went on to say she does have it far easier as a “friend”:

“I’m not a Housewife. I’m a Friend, though, which is a lot easier. You just dip in and out. You try to avoid, like, flying shrapnel. And you know, if drinks are thrown, I have good reflexes.”

Yet, on the podcast, Jennifer learned she may have had another friend on the show if things had gone another way.

More Celebs Turning The Show Down

Christina Applegate revealed that she had turned down RHOBH while Jenny McCarthy said no to RHONY. Now, Jennifer Tilly is learning that her Bound co-star, Gina Gershon also turned down RHOBH. She shared that she was approached but was “too scared” to do it. Of course, Jennifer felt Gina would have been amazing:

“Holy cow. Genie, you would be great.”

In response to that, Gina reminded Jennifer what a gem she was and how incredible she will be on the show:

“You know what? You’re gonna be genius on that. You’ll take over that whole set, Jen. I have no doubt. I’d actually even watch it with you on it!”

It will be interesting to see what Jennifer brings to the show and if she ends up landing full-time status for Season 15. Are you excited to see her on RHOBH? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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