‘RHOBH’ Clues PK & Dorit Kemsley Back Together?

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Are RHOBH couple PK and Dorit Kemsley back together after announcing their separation earlier this year? There are some clues that the two may have reconciled but fans are leery of the reasons behind them possibly doing so. Keep reading for all of the details as to what may be going on.

RHOBH Clues PK & Dorit Kemsley Back Together?

During Season 13 of RHOBH, PK and Dorit Kemsley faced a lot of struggles. He was never around and often doubted her lingering PTSD. She was still having issues after their home was broken into and she was held at gunpoint. PK did not understand her fears and the pain she was experiencing, something that they tried to work through. Yet, it was very hard as, again, he was never around to do so. By the time the reunion rolled around, Dorit claimed that they were better than ever. However, this seemingly was not true as Dorit was allegedly given an ultimatum by production.

PK, Dorit Kemsley-Instagram
PK, Dorit Kemsley-Instagram

She either had to reveal what was really going on in her marriage and that she and PK were not together any longer or lose her diamond. Furthermore, Dorit would be demoted to just three episodes. She and PK released a statement that they were taking time apart and she kept full-time status. Now, things have seemingly shifted, and the separation statement is gone from her Instagram. According to @bravosnarkside, this is making fans wonder if they are back together or if it means something else.


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After fans saw that the statement was gone, they had mixed emotions. Some wondered if PK and Dorit Kemsley were back together but there were other suspicions. One was they may have reconciled due to him getting sober.

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A few followers suggested:

  • Maybe his drinking was the issue. Now that he’s sober maybe they want to try again.
  • He’s sober now, maybe they have. 🤷🏻‍♀️

However, other fans did not believe this for a second and called the couple’s bluff on the entire split.

Trying To Stay Relevant

Some RHOBH fans believed that PK and Dorit Kemsley were desperate to stay relevant and they’d do anything to create a storyline. Plus, Dorit wanted to keep her diamond. Others wondered if it was taken off because it is no longer a split and now moving towards divorce:

  • she’s so desperate trying to stay relevant so she can stay on the show .. i still say she wants Mo
  • Maybe the separation announcement is turning into a “we are getting a divorce” announcement?
  • It means they’re creating a storyline
  • I think she wanted to keep her diamond 😂

At the end of the day, no one knows the method to their madness but hopefully, they can work things out for their children. If not, then they can find peace, appreciate what they have had, and walk away.

Do you think they are back together or are they just playing mind games with fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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