Sutton Stracke Shares Diagnosis From ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Medical Crisis

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Sutton Stracke is opening up about her diagnosis from her RHOBH reunion medical crisis. She was seen hyperventilating, shaking, and having emergency help during the Season 13 reunion. No one could pinpoint what happened and now, she is sharing the details. Read on for more details as to what actually transpired that day.

Sutton Stracke Shares Diagnosis From RHOBH Reunion Medical Crisis

The RHOBH Season 13 reunion has had a lot of combative moments and much talk about health. Annemarie Wiley is in the medical field so she was fascinated with Sutton Stracke’s esophagus. There was a lot to digest, literally, when it came to that situation but then, there were accusations about her drinking. Then, it was alluded to Stracke maybe having an eating disorder. After she wanted to talk about Kyle Richards having marital problems, that was Richards’ rebuttal. She brought up how Stracke pushes her food around regularly. Stracke was highly offended by that and it lingered to the reunion.

Kyle Richards, Andy Cohen-YouTube
Kyle Richards, Andy Cohen-YouTube

Part one and two have already aired but part three will see the arrival of Kathy Hilton. The way that the trailer is edited makes it look like Hilton’s presence throws Stracke completely off-kilter. However, Kathy made sure to send out a message that she and Kyle checked in on Stracke that evening. They encouraged her to go to the hospital to get checked. Now, Stracke is sharing what was wrong with her that day that caused her to become so ill.

She spoke on  Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast and had this to say:

“I did have a medical issue that was serious. I ended up going to the emergency room with truly one of my best friends, Garcelle [Beauvais]. She stayed with me at the emergency room the entire time, which I cannot thank her enough [for]. It ended up that I was suffering from exhaustion, which sounds stupid, but it’s a real thing. And dehydration. I was working a lot between New York and L.A., back and forth, working on my new company, Sutton Brands. I was really down for about 10 days. I had to shut my life down, which is very difficult for me. And it took about six weeks for me to feel 100 percent again.”

Sutton Stracke also had an extreme case of bronchitis so that just exacerbated her situation. She did add that Andy Cohen was right there, calling the medics prior to her being sent off to the hospital for further care. However, this does completely contradict Kathy Hilton’s story about getting her to the hospital.

What’s The Truth?

When viewers were speculating what was going on with Sutton Stracke at the reunion, Kathy Hilton ended up saying this: “@suttonstracke is one of my dearest friends we are neighbors I see her all the time. Right when filming was over Kyle and I talked to her in the hospital.” Sutton proceeded to thank her good friend but it seemed that a trip to the hospital was already in the cards. In any case, it is a good thing to know that Sutton was just overworked and needed to take a break. Hopefully, she has fully recovered and will be more mindful to put her health first.

Do you believe this explanation or was there secretly more to it? Let us know and watch part three of the RHOBH reunion Wednesday, March 13th on Bravo.

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