‘GMA’ Robin Roberts Returns, But Where Is Michael Strahan?

Michael Strahan on Good Morning America | YouTube

Good Morning America fans have been missing Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan for the past two weeks. For Robin, she has been on vacation and just came back to this show this week. However, Michael’s absence has gone unexplained, and no one is sure what is going on.

Here is what you need to know about Robin Roberts and Michaël Strahan on Good Morning America.

Robin Roberts Returns To Good Morning America

After several missing episodes of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts has returned to the morning talk show. Her absences lately have been mostly due to traveling, as she went to Portugal several weeks ago for a vacation. On Monday, she posted a video on Instagram saying she and her spouse, Amber Laign, wrapped up their “magical Portugal adventure.”

Robin Roberts-YouTube
Robin Roberts-YouTube

With the vacation over with and Robin Roberts back home, she has returned once again to Good Morning America. Of course, Robin was only partially gone. She covered some of her vacation footage, and Good Morning America aired it to show life in Portugal.

However, while Robin Roberts is back on GMA, her co-host, Michael Strahan, is still missing in action.

Where Is Michael Strahan From Good Morning America?

It is unusual for Good Morning America to be without its two most prominent hosts simultaneously. However, that happened because neither Robin Roberts nor Michael Strahan was on the show for the last two weeks. While Robin was on vacation and told fans about it, Strahan was missing without explanation.

Michael Strahan | YouTube
Michael Strahan | YouTube

Michael Strahan missed episodes last week and hasn’t been on the show this week, either. He took time off in June when his daughter Isabella Strahan had the final rounds of her chemo treatment. He was in Isabella’s video when she rang the bell to show she was getting out of the hospital’s treatment center.

No one on Good Morning America has mentioned where Strahan is during this time. However, there is a chance he is just spending time with his daughters. Michael might want some dad time with Isabella since she finished her chemo treatment and plans to return to college this fall at USC. With the Fourth of July holiday, there might not be a better time to spend with his girls than now.

Michael Strahan has also considered retiring, although he doesn’t sound like he is going to at this moment. Strahan said he wants to enjoy his life and travel more, and he can’t do that when he is working a TV show that keeps him coming to work five days a week. Getting more time off like this might help extend his time on TV, giving him a chance to recharge.

Did you miss Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan on Good Morning America? Are you ready for Michael to be back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Michael come back. We miss you terribly. Happy that Robin is back. Don’t have blame you for wanting to spend time with your daughter. Just promise to come back?

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