Michael Strahan’s Daughter Shares Her Final Chemo Update

Michael Strahan's daughter - YouTube/Isabella Strahan

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella has been open about her battle with brain cancer. Over the last several months, the 19-year-old has shared the details of her difficult journey. Now, she has come forward to share what will hopefully be her final chemotherapy update. Continue reading to see what she shared.

Isabella Strahan Celebrates Huge Chemo Milestone

In a vlog shared on her YouTube channel on June 13, Isabella said that she was just really tired. “It’s hard for my eyes to open. I’m gonna go back to sleep,” she shared. On top of that, she said that her “legs are already feeling weak and it’s hard to move around.”

Despite feeling bad, Michael Strahan’s daughter still took the time to celebrate the end of her journey with chemotherapy. “I’m so excited because it’s the last time, hopefully ever,” she said. “Jealous of people who don’t have to do this but at least it’s almost over and pray for those who have to go through it.”

Michael Strahan's daughter - YouTube/Isabella Strahan
YouTube/Isabella Strahan

During her video update on YouTube, Isabella was seen bonding with another patient in the hospital. She was cracking jokes and signed a football for the little boy, then handed it off to her dad who was famously on the New York Giants team for 15 years.

The boy was in the hospital to receive a bone marrow transplant. During their chat, his mother reminded them that it is important to keep celebrating “the little stuff” throughout their battles with their disease.

However, Michael Strahan’s daughter wasn’t celebrating anything “little” that day. She was celebrating her last bag of chemo. In the vlog, she said, “I’m excited, last bag of chemo today. And then I have a little confetti parade and I’ll ring the bell.”

Michael Strahan’s Daughter Will Take The Summer To Heal

Isabella shared a TikTok clip alongside her twin sister Sophia Strahan doing just that. The pair did a dance and in the caption Isabella wrote, “Just finished chemo. Did it.”

This was a huge feat for Isabella as she was initially scheduled to receive six rounds of chemo, but she wound up only needing four. In another video posted in early April, she shared “happy tears” with her followers. “It’s not even considering crying when it’s happy tears,” the 19-year-old model said.

Michael Strahan's twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella Strahan - Instagram
Michael Strahan’s twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella Strahan – Instagram

“I can kind of try and have a summer to feel better,” she shared in the vlog. “And I’m so happy cause I thought I’d be done at the end of July. I was supposed to do six rounds in total. And then I really would just have to go straight back to school. I’m so happy.”

Now, Michael Strahan’s daughter’s chemotherapy journey has come to an end and she can take the time she needs to rest and regain her strength surrounded by family. Take a look at her latest vlog below.

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