‘GMA’ Michael Strahan Talks About Retiring From Television

Michael Strahan - YouTube/ABC News

Michael Strahan has taken a lot of time off from his roles on television recently. The Good Morning America star has stepped away from the cameras to be with his daughter, Isabella Strahan, as she battles cancer. However, the former NFL player has opened up about the possibility of retiring sooner rather than later. Continue reading to see what Michael Strahan has to say about the future of his TV career.

Michael Strahan: ‘I Don’t Want To Work Forever’

Not many people have a career as successful and as decorated as Michael Strahan. He has become a big name in sports and broadcasting, but he has confirmed that he doesn’t want to work forever.

The 52-year-old has had a career as a professional football player, television host, and journalist on his CV. Not to mention, he also hosts his own game show, Pyramid, and works as an analyst for Fox NFL Sundays. A lot of viewers have also enjoyed him on GMA throughout the week.

Michael Strahan - YouTube/Good Morning America
YouTube/Good Morning America

Unfortunately for his fans, Michael Strahan has retirement on his mind. He spoke on In Depth With Graham Bensinger about calling time out on his career.

“I like company, I like vacations,” he said. “I’m at the point in life when I just want to enjoy it. I don’t want to work forever, I want to enjoy life at some point.”

The GMA Star Wants To Focus On Family & Relaxation

That being said, he has continued to work in order to teach his children about work ethic. Michael Strahan is a father of four. He has two grown children, Tanita and Michael Jr., who he shares with ex-wife Wanda Hutchins. Michael also has twins, Isabella and Sophia, with his second ex-wife Jean Muggli.

“I retired when I was 36, from football,” he told Graham Bensinger. “My twins were three. There I was talking about ‘work hard. Get out there and go all out.’ But they never saw any of that. They never saw me play football.”

Michael Strahan said that the reason he works hard now is that he wants all of his children to see him and “know it’s not easy.”

GMA’s Michael Strahan & Robin Roberts | YouTube

He continued, “Nobody gives you anything. You gotta go earn it.” But it seems like the former NFL star is considering hanging it up soon.

Now, he is officially an empty nester. Michael shares his home with his girlfriend, Kayla Quick. His youngest children, the twins, are both living on their own and going to college. In his spare time, he truly just wants to relax and spend time with his family.

This is especially true as he has rallied around his daughter Isabella Strahan in recent months. “You’d think I’m the athlete, the tough guy, the father in the family,” he said, speaking about his daughter’s diagnosis on GMA. “It is not about any of that. It has really made me change my perspective on so many things.”

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