‘Alaskan Bush People’: Did Love Triangle Shatter Family?

Bam Bam Brown from Alaskan Bush People | Instagram

It has been years since Matt Brown has been on Alaskan Bush People. He was fired from the show after a pair of rehab stints and two claims of sexual assault. While the Los Angeles district attorney declined to prosecute, it still forced Brown off his family’s show.

However, there might be other reasons for both his sobriety issues and his family dysfunction.

Did A Love Triangle Push Matt Brown Off Alaskan Bush People?

The reasons Matt Brown left Alaskan Bush People have mostly been based on what each side has said about the situation. Now, there are other reasons that some people have speculated about. It involves a love triangle.

Joshua Bam Bam Brown - Alaskan Bush People- Discovery
Joshua Bam Bam Brown – Alaskan Bush People- Discovery

Reddit thread on the Alaskan Bush People subreddit mentioned a possible love triangle involving Matt Brown and his brother Bam Bam Brown. The OP said they heard there was a love triangle, or an affair, involving Bam and Matt with a possible producer on the show.  They said they heard there was a lot of fighting between the brothers over this woman.

The responses show that ABP fans are still interested in the behind-the-scenes drama.

  • “Didn’t bam leave the show for a little bit to be with a producer or something?”
  • “He bagged the producer from the show and Matt went off the deep end”
  • “Bam is still with that producer!”
  • “They live in South Carolina. He flies in to do the show.”

While the show has not been on in a year and a half, it seems fans still want to dig deep into the family of the Alaskan Bush People.

What Happened With Matt Brown & Bam Bam On Alaskan Bush People?

There is no confirmation about what happened between Matt Brown and his family. There were sexual assault allegations from two female producers on the show against Matt. Strong hints exist that Bam is dating one of the show’s producers and they are living together away from the family ranch.

Matt Brown on IG
Matt Brown on IG

It is rumored that Bam lives elsewhere in the United States and flies in to film the episodes. However, once again, nothing has been confirmed outside of the allegations that he doesn’t really live on the family farm (he has never had his “home” shown on an episode).

As for Matt Brown, he lives in Loomis, which is where his family lives, but he remains estranged from them. Recently, he has encountered some personal problems. However, he appears to still remain sober in his lifelong battle with alcoholism.

What are your thoughts on Matt Brown and Bam Bam Brown’s alleged love triangle? Do you think it is what drove the Alaskan Bush People family apart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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