‘ABP’ Matt Brown Says His Life Is ‘Falling Apart’

Matt Brown | YouTube

Fans are worried about former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown. He posted a new live-stream video for his fans on YouTube. In the video, he admitted that his life was “falling apart.” He broke down all the bad stuff that has happened to him recently and revealed he is about to leave and head back into the wilderness.

Here is what Matt had to say and why fans are worried about his well-being.

Matt Brown Breaks Down Recent Struggles

Two weeks ago, Matt Brown seemed on top of the world. He was with a woman visiting Washington, and they were having fun with music nights and excursions. However, something bad happened right after he made that post. Matt said that someone had hacked his phone.

Matt Brown on IG
Matt Brown on IG

In a post shortly after that, Matt said that he needed to delete all the apps from his phone so the hackers couldn’t get into his YouTube or Instagram accounts. He talked about how hard he had worked to build the community on those social media platforms and how important it was to protect that.

He said he didn’t want to let the hackers get into his social media accounts. The second he saw the hacking (all the letters and such on his phone screen turned into symbols during a music madness night out, he made sure he was logged out of social media accounts and refused to put his password back in to log into the accounts from that phone.

Matt also said in the livestream that there are people who have been trying to ruin the Alaskan Bush People’s lives for years. He said that it is people who were close to the show, and they are still at it. He also said he is ready to release their actual names if it doesn’t stop.

Matt Brown Getting Off The Grid

That isn’t the only problem Matt Brown is going through, though. His bosses at the orchard retired last year. All the trees are gone and there is nothing left to do there. He lived in a home on the land and now has to move. Since he no longer has a job there, and he said he won’t bag groceries, he has made a decision.

Matt said he is going to live on the mountain, in the wilderness again. He has already set up what he calls a fort and had run there to hide during the hacking incident. It is unclear what he plans to do to keep his social media job alive since that is the only source of income now.

He said he plans to shoot his phone, using it as target practice, and presumably will get a new one. He also has his computer, but it is unclear where he will set up when he gets on the mountain with no electricity and power to keep providing videos.

For fans, many are worried about his well-being as a recovering addict, and this is likely not the best head space for the formerĀ Alaskan Bush People star to be in right now.

What are your thoughts on Matt Brown and his recent struggles? Do you think he is in danger of a relapse, or can he pull through this and remain strong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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