‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Gives Huge Marriage Update

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has gone through a tumultuous relationship with his wife Raiven. Before they got married, they broke up and got back together more than once. Bear left her when she was pregnant with the first child and then left her again after they had their second child. Now, Raiven is in Texas, pregnant with their third child and Bear has given a new update on his relationship.

Here is what Bear had to say about his current status with his wife Raiven Brown.

Bear Brown Updates Fans On Marriage To Raiven

When Raiven was pregnant with Bear Brown’s second son, she moved to Texas to have the baby there. Raiven was on bed rest for months as she is high-risk. Bear and Raiven separated at this time, but then he showed up the month before Cove’s birth. Once Cove was born, Bear left Raiven again.

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People / IG

Bear went back home to Washington and Raiven was left alone with Cove, who was born with breathing problems and spent a week in the hospital, and River, their oldest child. It was a hard time for Raiven, but she and Bear eventually got back together anyway.

Then, Bear and Raiven announced they were having a third child. Once again, Raiven went to Texas as there are no quality NICU hospitals in Washington by their home. However, there were quality ones in Texas where her family lives. Fortunately, Bear came with her this time.

Raiven and Bear Brown - Instagram

Bear has been there the entire time and just took to Instagram to post a photo of Raiven kissing him with the caption, “The love of my life!!!!!!!” With Raiven due in late 2024, Bear has stuck with her this time and things look better than ever as he helps out with River and Cove while Raiven prepares to deliver their third baby boy.

What Happened To Alaskan Bush People?

Alaskan Bush People last aired in December 2022. This was when Raiven was pregnant with Cove and she and Bear were trying to make a new home on the mountain. However, that was too much for her and they ended up breaking up before the season ended. That was never shown, as filming ended before their breakup.

Since that time, Raiven had Cove and returned to Bear. The two ended up pregnant again, but there has been no word of a new¬†Alaskan Bush People season. With Bear and Raiven in Texas, it seems that they wouldn’t be part of any new filming. For now, the Discovery Channel appears to be finished with the show. Unless news comes directly from the network, Alaskan Bush People might officially be over.

Are you happy to see Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown sticking with Raiven throughout this pregnancy? Does it sound like they are finally making things work out right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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