‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Reveals How Lucky She Is Amidst Turmoil

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown brought her new baby into the world in January. However, things have gotten tough for Raiven since that delivery. The good news is that Raiven is trying to find the positive points to show how lucky she really is.

Here is what Raiven has said about her recent luck and why she is still a lucky woman.

Raiven Brown struggling over past month

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown hasn’t had a good past few months. She reunited with her husband Bear Brown late last year and he was there when she delivered their baby boy, Cove. However, not all was well, as the baby ended up in NICU with breathing tubes to help him get along.

Luckily, the baby ended up healthy and ready to go home with his parents. Unfortunately, shortly after this, the couple separated again and Bear went back to Washington. Raiven was left at home alone to raise her newborn baby and their other son River by herself.

Raiven Brown - IG

This was really tough since she spent over a week in the hospital herself after delivering Cove. However, while she ended up alone raising her newborn while watching River, who was about to turn three, Raiven is trying her hardest to look at the positive aspects of life.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Raiven wrote a message celebrating her son River’s birthday. She then followed it up with a post about how her life has been going lately. “I’m so thankful on these sleepless nights. All I can think about is how lucky I am to be tired with my rainbow baby and toddler,” she wrote.

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Remember, Raiven suffered through a miscarriage after River and before Cove. This means that, despite the hard pregnancy and difficulties after his birth, Raiven delivered a healthy baby boy. Her husband might have left her, but she remains a mother of two who refuses to give up on her children.

Raiven has a new business venture going

There is little chance that Raiven Brown will return to Alaskan Bush People next season. More so, there’s little chance that either boy will show up on the reality TV series either. This means that she has had to find a new way to make some money.

As a single mother on her own with a baby and a toddler, Raiven can’t work a real job because there isn’t a way to find childcare that a single mother can afford. As a result, she has started a new online business.

Raiven is selling clothes online for Whatnot. She has been successful as well, as one of her recent sales saw her sell everything by the end of her time online. It has given Raiven a chance to help support her family and not have to rely on Bear Brown or Alaskan Bush People money to raise her family.

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What are your thoughts on Raiven Brown and her recent positive outlook on life? Do you think she has finally finished with her struggles with the Alaskan Bush People family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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