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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Shows Unity With Bear Brown

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Raiven Brown has shown unity with Bear Brown after she announced to her Alaskan Bush People fans that they had split. This occurred in a public post on Instagram in December where she said she left him. Raiven noted, at the time, she was doing it for her own safety. That has all changed.

Here is a look at what Raiven Brown did as she shows her marriage with Bear Brown is still strong.

Raiven Brown shows unity with Bear Brown

In December, Raiven Brown posted on her Instagram Stories that she and Bear had separated. She said that she left him for her own safety and then went on to say they would continue to co-parent River and their second child, which is due at the end of January.

Raiven Brown with Bear and River - episode screencap

That all changed a couple of weeks later when she let her fans know that she was spending Christmas with Bear. She then said that people didn’t know the full story, even though she was the one who posted that she had separated from Bear. When Christmas came, the couple posted photos together from their time in Texas.

Now, Raiven is doubling down on this by posting a new family photo of her, Bear, and River. Bear is clean-shaven, and this is from the photo shoot that took place almost two months ago. However, all Raiven posted at the time was a photo of her baby bump and a photo of her holding River. On Tuesday, she posted the one with Bear in it for the first time.

In the comments, she joked that River didn’t want to sit still for the photos, but they managed one anyway. When someone asked about Bear shaving, she said he shaves many times, but it grows back very fast.

Raiven Brown with Bear and River IG

Raiven is due at the end of August

Raiven Brown said posted a second photo of her hugging River in a more personal moment. She then captioned the photo by saying this was enjoying time with River while he was still an only child. When someone asked when she was due, she said it was at the end of the month.

Raiven had previously listed the start of February as her due date, but that changed when she said in a recent post that she was early on everything. She also went into emergency contractions in December, which is part of the reason she said she has moved back to Texas until the baby is born.

Raiven Brown from IG

Raiven had River delivered early when her life was endangered in her last pregnancy. Therefore, she wants to make sure she is close to a hospital. Their new home on the mountain was too far away for her problematic pregnancy issues.

Are you surprised to see Raiven Brown back with Bear so soon after announcing their separation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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