‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Embarks On A New Career

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Mike Wolfe is embarking on a new career path. The American Pickers star has recently made headlines for purchasing a ton of real estate in Columbia, Tennessee. However, the History Channel celebrity has a few more tricks up his sleeve. This time, his career is taking him on stage. Continue reading to see what he’s up to.

Mike Wolfe Takes The Stage For Surprising Performance

Fans have been begging for new episodes of American Pickers recently. While it has been confirmed that they are filming new episodes, fans will still have to wait a bit for them to be released. In the meantime, Mike has been pursuing other interests, including a vastly different career.

Earlier this week, musician Ryan Adams shared that Mike would be joining him up on stage. The Come Pick Me Up singer posted a photo on Instagram of Mike sitting on a stool. Beside him were two guitars and a mic stand.

Mike Wolfe was strumming a guitar of his own, smiling. He sported a long-sleeved blue shirt and white pants.

Mike Wolfe - Instagram
Instagram/Mike Wolfe

It is known that Ryan Adams was performing at Harrah’s Cherokee Center in Asheville, North Carolina that night. So, it is assumed that is where Mike Wolfe was joining him.

“Mike Wolfe is taking over tonight. Rocking the Buck,” Ryan wrote in the caption.

The American Pickers star’s girlfriend was there to show her support as well. Leticia Cline posted a selfie alongside Mike and Ryan. The trio looked content to be together. Fans were thrilled about the collaboration as well.

Several people were upset that they were “missing out” on the performance. One person commented,  “We need a Ryan Adams episode of American Pickers.”

When Will There Be New Episodes Of American Pickers?

Although many people were excited to see Ryan Adams and Mike Wolfe together, American Pickers fans are patiently awaiting new episodes.

Last week, one of Mike’s businesses, Antique Archeology shared a clip from the History Channel show on social media. The video shows Mike looking excited about buying an antique. He asked if any of his followers recognized the throwback episode.

One fan commented, “Hell I can’t even remember when we got a new episode.” The last new episode viewers saw aired in March. 

It seems like Mike has gotten busy doing other things recently too. In addition to the performance with Ryan Adams, Mike has been spending a lot of time (and a ton of money) purchasing properties in Tennessee.

Mike Wolfe and Jersey Jon - Instagram
Instagram/Mike Wolfe

That being said, Mike Wolfe has revealed that fans can expect all-new episodes of American Pickers to return to television in October.

Until then, you can catch re-runs of the show on the History Channel. It is also available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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