‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Back In Iowa Filming New Episodes

Mike Wolfe and James Burton on American Pickers | IG

Mike Wolfe is still going strong in filming new American Pickers episodes for the History Channel. While the show’s ratings have dropped since Frank Fritz left the reality TV series, the network still sees value in it and has signed Mike to return for multiple seasons,

Here is what Mike is doing right now as he films more for his reality TV series.

Mike Wolfe Filming American Pickers In Iowa

Mike Wolfe recently paused filming the next American Pickers season, but it looks like he is back at work again. On Friday, Wolfe took to Instagram and showed off some new shots from his Iowa hometown. He was with his brother Robbie and admitted they had been out filming.

Mike Wolfe - American Pickers - History Channel - YouTube
Mike Wolfe on American Pickers | YouTube

Mike, 59, led his dog Francie for a walk in his hometown of LeClaire, Iowa. They walked the sidewalks, and Mike took several photos of businesses and storefronts along the street. He said that it felt good to be home “for a few days filming.”

Fans seemed happy to see Mike back in his hometown and let him know about it in the comments:

  • “Enjoy every minute. Memories and ol’haunts…now you’re the BMOC (Big Man On Campus) with film crews!!!”
  • “LeClaire is beautiful. Especially with Francie and her stick. Enjoy the summer!”
  • “Nothing like home. Even if life has carried you to other places.”

This is much nicer than a recent batch of photos Mike shared from the next season, which many fans felt looked haunted and terrifying.

What Is Next For American Pickers?

Mike Wolfe’s future with American Pickers looked cloudy. Mike said he didn’t know how long he would keep up with it and seemed almost ready to turn it in. This is especially true thanks to the drop in ratings after the show fired Frank Fritz.


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However, the lower ratings are still enough for the History Channel to keep American Pickers around for a few more seasons. Mike Wolfe has signed a new extension with the History Channel to star in American Pickers for three more seasons.

The most recent American Pickers season struggled in the ratings. It only had 774,000 viewers on Valentine’s Day, which was a low for the season. Its largest audience was 948,999 viewers, which means there wasn’t one single episode that topped a million viewers for the entire last season.

Despite this, the History Channel wants more, and Mike is out filming for Season 26. He will still work with Robbie, and Frank Fritz won’t be back. Frank is still recovering from a stroke he suffered last year.

Are you still watching American Pickers, even without Frank Fritz? Are you excited about the new season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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