‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Drops Insane Cash On New Project

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Mike Wolfe has continued to expand his real estate portfolio after buying more property in Columbia, Tennessee. The American Pickers star has been slowly buying up much of the town, restoring buildings, and adding rental properties. So, what is he planning for the small Tennessee town and how much has he spent? Keep reading to find out.

Mike Wolfe Has Spent Millions On Tennessee Properties

Columbia, Tennessee is about 46 miles outside of Nashville. Mike Wolfe has been steadily buying properties there in an attempt to bring some life back into the small town.

The 60-year-old History Channel star has bought his Two Lanes vacation rental in the Tennessee town. He also snatched up a bike shop called Columbia Motor Alley. Now, he has purchased yet another property in Columbia for $400,000.

The U.S. Sun confirmed that Mike made this new purchase in December 2023. It was built in 1920 and is around 1,240 square feet.

A source came forward to talk about how Mike Wolfe is changing Columbia, Tennessee for the better. According to the source, the project will cost Mike around $93 million in total. “The town is happy Mike is taking this on to help bring new life to Columbia,” they said.

Mike Wolfe on American Pickers / YouTube
Mike Wolfe on American Pickers / YouTube

The American Pickers star owns several other properties in the town, known as the “mule capital of the world.” He owns a commercial property that is over 4,300 square feet that is valued at $214,000. That property is currently rented out to Hazelwood Laboratories.

Mike also owns the property where Muletown Coffee is currently located. It is valued at $192,700. Other properties include a location rented by Packard Playhouse ($336,300), a commercial location rented by Trek Bicycle Store Columbia ($464,400), and an old Chevy dealership that he calls Columbia Motor Alley ($717,400). He also owns an apartment above the bike shop, which he uses as a vacation rental.

Two Lanes Guesthouse, as it is known, is rented out for $275 per night on the weekend, and $200 per night Monday through Thursday. The American Pickers star chose several antiques to decorate the rental with.

American Pickers Star Plans To Help Expand Columbia

That’s not all either. He previously purchased another property in Columbia with the intention of turning it into a restaurant. Mike Wolfe bought the property for $600K in 2022.

Earlier that year, he also bought a 3,166-square-foot house outside of Columbia for $700,000. The History Channel star has been updating his followers on the progress of the remodel of the home on Instagram.

“We’ve been restoring this house in @visitcolumbia TN for a few years now. Were beyond Excited to finally start the process of installing Cupola on this 1873 Italianate,” he wrote on social media. “This very historic part of the house has been missing for decades and I’m honored to be the one that brings it back to its original state. We will keep you up to date on the progress.”

Mike Wolfe Wears Chambray Shirt & Khaki Pants [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Mike Wolfe’s efforts to restore Columbia, Tennessee have brought other businesses to the area as well. Prime & Pint – Butchery and Public House recently opened its doors at the end of March. Build A Donut Bakery (BAD Bakery) opened on June 15.

One source spoke about new construction happening in the small town. “They are building a six-story condo with a restaurant. Next to that is going to be a car place,” they said. “The town is changing rapidly. It’s a change that is welcomed by some citizens but shunned by others in the community.”

Overall, Mike Wolfe has real estate totaling around $5 million with properties in both Tennessee and Iowa.

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