‘WCTH’ Creators Announce New Faith-Based Television Series [Video]

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WCTH co-creators Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr. have created a new faith-based television series. They have a preview for the new series entitled Home To Harmony. Here is a Sneak Peek video for the new series. This should interest Hearties and anyone who would like to see more faith-based series.

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WCTH Creators Have New Series Called Home To Harmony  

WCTH co-creators Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr. have created a new tv series called Home To Harmony. This is a faith-based series. They have already released a sneak peek video on YouTube via Edify Films. Originally, the sneak peek video was only available form members to watch on the Angel Studios Guild platform. Now, everyone can watch this video.

What is this new series about?

What Is WCTH Creator’s New Series Home To Harmony TV Series About?

The new series Home To Harmony from WCTH creators Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr. is based on a seven-book series of the same name by Philip Gulley. The brief Amazon description shares a little more information. “In this acclaimed inaugural volume in the Harmony series, master American storyteller Philip Gulley draws us into the charming world of minister Sam Gardner in his first year back in his hometown, capturing the essence of small-town life with humor and wisdom.”

The video sneak peek preview expands on this. The minister is riding a motorcycle as he remembers why he returned to the town he fled when he was young. He achieved some big city dreams as a rock star, but admits that he lost his way while making his dreams happen. He did find love and shared that this wife changed his life. She helped him to find himself again. They had two children, but then tragedy struck. She died.

Now, he has returned back to his hometown of Harmony, Ohio. But, his daughter is struggling. The video shows a couple of cheerleaders making fun of her. Moreover, they also make fun of her father. But, there also is a warning that one is involved with the football player who is hanging out with her. It looks like she is jealous, and this cheerleader is not letting go of this guy!

When father and daughter sit together later that night, there is a blowout. She resents that Sam took them to this small town without him asking. But, the two make up. They are in this together.



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Where Can Hearties Watch Home To Harmony?

WCTH fans may want to know how they will be able to watch Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr.’s new series Home To Harmony. What network will be airing it? Right now, there is no network attached to this new series. It is possible that the Angel Studios Guild will pick it up. However, a network like Hallmark or UPtv could certainly be interested in picking it up as well.

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