‘When Calls The Heart’ Creator Brian Bird Inks Deal With UPtv

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Hearties know Brian Bird as one of the When Calls The Heart co-creators. However, they may not realize all of his other movie projects. Here is what we know about this prolific creator’s big UPtv contract.

Brian Bird Signs Movie Deal With UPtv

For over a decade, Brian Bird has been a big part of the When Calls The Heart community. In addition, he started True Brand Entertainment with Brandon Clark, Tai Truesdell, and Darin Chavez. Now, True Brand has signed a multi-picture licensing agreement.

According to Variety, Brian Bird and company have agreed to create “a series of uplifting and values-friendly romantic comedies.

Although the announcement is recent, this partnership began in the summer of 2022 with The Engagement Plot. This movie, which stars Trevor Donovan, Jacklyn Collier, and a cornucopia of hats, was very successful.

Most recently, True Brand was behind The Happy Camper, which just aired on UPtv in early February. This stars real-life couple Daniela Bobadilla and Beau Wirick.

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

Brian Bird Calls These Stories ‘Good Food’

Brian Bird described the sorts of romcoms that UPtv viewers should expect from True Brand Entertainment. He called this sort of content “uplifting entertainment.” This is in comparison to what he describes as a “diet of razor blades and broken glass.”

Brandon Clark further shared their philosophy. “The goal for the stories we want to tell can be summed up in an acronym, ‘H.E.R.O.’ We work hard to make films that are filled with Humor, Emotion, Romance, and Optimism that the whole family can enjoy.”

Moreover, Bird believes that “The Hearties will go wherever the good food is.”

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

Just Jake Is The Next True Brand Movie For UPtv

Fans of Brian Bird’s work won’t have to wait very long for the first UPtv movie. According to a post on Twitter, Brian Bird revealed that the first movie is called Just Jack. This stars Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes. Taylor Bird and Jaimie Engle wrote the script, with Brandon Clark directing.

According to IMDb, “An emerging country star returns to his hometown to overcome his serious writers’ block and reunites with his high school sweetheart. Together they rediscover love and learn that the best music is the music you make together.”

UPtv Provides Wholesome Family Entertainment

Brian Bird’s True Brand is in good company. UPtv has continually provided uplifting and entertaining content. This includes classic and new romcoms, as well as such shows as Heartland, and reruns of Gilmore Girls.

In addition, UPtv also airs a lot of faith-based content for their viewers. Therefore, this recent news confirms a good match.

Hearties, will you be watching Brian Bird’s True Brand Entertainment romcoms? Have you seen The Engagement Plot or The Happy Camper?

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