‘The View’ Joy Behar Hints At Sexuality, ‘Closet Lipstick Lesbian’?

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This week, The View had some interesting discussions. One of those centered on an interview with LGBTQ+ comedian Sandra Bernhard. This interview took place on Thursday, and the comedian asked Joy Behar if she had ever “gotten it on with a lady?” Behar’s response was hilarious.

Here is what Joy Behar said during the interview about her sexuality.

Joy Behar Responds To Questions About Her Sexuality

Joy Behar was talking to Sandra Bernhard about her role as a lesbian comedian. That is when Sandra popped an interesting question to Joy. She asked, “Here’s a question. Have you ever gotten it on with a lady?”

Joy Behar - The View
Joy Behar – The View

That led Joy to respond, “No, but someday I will.” That was a nice enough answer, but then Sandra told her she should “hurry up.” When asked when she might finally hook up with a woman, Joy, 81, said she would probably do it in her 90s. It sounds like she wants to make it one of her last big experiences in life.

Sara Haines then chimed in that Joy was a “closet, lipstick lesbian.” Sara explained that she used to frequent the lesbian bar called the Cubbyhole when she was younger. Bernhard said she never saw her there. Sara explained she was on a “gay volleyball team. I’m gay-adjacent. Or not-adjacent.”

Joe Behar has been married to her husband, Steve Janowitz, since 2011. Sara Haines has been married to her husband, Max Shifrin, since 2014.

Sandra Bernhard & Judy Gold On The View

Sandra Bernhard and Judy Gold appeared on The View to discuss the new Netflix documentary Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution. This explores the history of LGBTQIA+ stand-up comedy.

Gold, 61, said she stayed in the closet concerning her standup act until she had her first child in 1996. “I came out because of my child, but I think it was precisely because of him that it made it easier for me to come out,” Gold said. “I think people were more comfortable hearing about gay parenting.”

Gold is in a relationship with Elysa Halpern and has two kids, Henry, 27, and Ben, 23.

Gold also said this is an important documentary because the young LGBTQ community needs to know their history. Berhard agreed with the sentiment, saying it was “handed to them. It wasn’t handed to us.”

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution is currently streaming on Netflix. It features comedians like Sandra Bernhard, Judy Gold, Rosie O’Donnell, Lily Tomlin, Eddie Izzard, Margeret Cho, Wanda Sykes, and more. The movie is the first feature-length documentary to examine the history of queer stand-up comedy and dropped on Netflix on June 18.

What are your thoughts on Joy Behar’s revelation to Sandra Bernhard on The View? Do you think she might test the waters? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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  1. I honestly didn’t know her age…wow! Let’s just say she looks great to be in her 80’s. I’ve always liked “mature ” gals…hmmmm, what a thought.

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